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~*=*=Selling Stick Sigs CHEAP!=*=*~ MasterSigMaker doneAGAIN


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I cant wait for mine :P












in case you dont remember: girl fishing with a rod(blonde girl) and she catchs a shark, the shark jumps and eats her. then text appears: aster, down 95 fishing. down: Not high enough to fish sharks safely...












btw we havent discussed payment, how much u want?

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ok... can i have one il pay 30k




id like a guy with a mask look like the lead singer of slipknot and then billie armstrong comes and says im better than u i got a grammy! slipknot take off his mask and hits billlie armstrong then he says w00t.




sorry if it is hard :( but try yourt hardest :P

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Guest Et3rN1Ty

Uh..if I still can, id like to put in an order..ill pay 80k.. All I want is a wall in the middle on the sig, and a stick guy running around it repeatidly. Top right corner says 'Weeeeee', bottom left corner 'Et3rN1Ty. o_O My ingame name is Zaelon-22

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Alright Rabk I found the FLA so here, 50k or whatever you offered








and here Gohansi Dark








Sorry for the "scratchiness" of the whole thing I couldn't get it under the limit without making that way








I remove "Ok now my money" when you give me it in game








Hehe, you rock :P








Add Rabk in-game :D

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whats the green stuff? :?








funny sigs btw :D

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the weighted companion cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.


In the event that the weighted companion cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.

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if your takeing requests ill buy one for the min........40k








Right theres a girl stood on the left and then the right a man.




Can i have a rrow pointing towards the girl saying han




And a arrow pointing towards the boy saiyng danny




Then i want the boy to hip the girl with a hammer and she dies.




The a gang of 3 girls come chasing after danny




Then it says dont mess with an llb




Thanks if you can do it!








Its for a difrent mssg board btw!

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ok, first of all the green thing was spose to be a strange plant. on the font make it anything other then what u got now (somthing more readable). oh yeah and could you make it flash text saying "MasterSigMaker" som where at the bottom-right








Thanks, MasterSigMaker

you should never attempt to insert a floppy disk in a 56X CD-ROM drive, as floppy disk shrapnel hurts
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Ok man I'll try but I JUST BARELY made it under the limit because of adding your name
















Ok here








I'm on RS now meet me in Varrock/ Draynor Village which ever is closer

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