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`~Profins' blog~` Im NOT muted and Im NOT back. Wont be.

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I'm not back and I'll never be. Period. Screw the rest of this topic. I've quit. Bye. :D


Yes, I am back, but it doesn't mean I'm going to update this or anything. Yes, I'll train, I'll have goals, but won't update. I got 99 defence in like 3rd day after coming back, trained at bandits for that. Then got 85-91 thieving in few days. My goal is 99, should take no longer than a week, but I got a bit bored and I'm doing God Wars all the time now. If you don't count one practice trip which lasted 4 waves at Zamorak, I got Zamorak Hilt, Shard 2 and Shard 3 in 6 trips with slayer task. That's 65 kills I think, because I had 198 at the starting and now I got 133 left and now I'm doing Bandos. :)










Welcome to the amazing blog of Profins!!





You've been chosen by the mighty wizards to be able to read and reply to this blog! Shh, don't tell anyone(I meant, tell everyone) that all it takes to do it is go to this link : My blog




I'm Profins(Pro/Prof.. I like if I'm called Pro, but people calls me Prof o.O) and some of you might have seen me at IRC(Profins/Pr0fins/Wolverine) or Edge/CW. If you have, you should definately post here! And if you haven't..You definately should post here & check out Edge if I'm there. Hehe.




Anyways, I'll start with an Introduction. New blog. Why NEW blog? Well, it just happened that my old blog died out because of no people who posted, cared & I hadn't updated it in a while & it has disappeared. Lets make sure this doesn't die, lets all post. I really don't want to re-make my blog again. If you want to see my old blog, scroll down a bit. I've lost my 99 cook picture, but I found a thread with my 99 fletch, first 99 ever!! Wow, it's old though lmao. My 99 fletch linky.




Anyway, a little about my account. It was made about 5-6 years ago, it has been banned, it has been locked, it has been hacked (Poor yellow phat >.<) but it's still here!! And unfortunately, me with it. Hah.


My goal has been simple since..forever. All stats 70+. I still haven't gotten them all, I really hate RC and Hunter, but okay. o.O I'll waste 1m~ later for ess for W66, nothing to worry about. I've been a gud skiller forever aswell. I just happened to get 123 combat because of 3 reasons..99 prayer, 85 slayer and I hated to be low 115 combat. I still haven't managed 99 prayer..You see, Abyssal Demons = boring. Nothing to worry about though, when I'll be able to be bothered enough to waste cash on birds nests & snaps (Unless some crazy farmer wants to farm my seeds. I do have snap seeds, I haven't trained farming for ages..and don't plan to, too slow. I like fast xp.) so I can DK with Sk1li. But it's been made harder aswell, no more my favorite Melee/Mage duos where I'm warrior..I HATE YOUR LAME, UNNEEDED UPDATES, JAGEX! Thanks. Well, then I got mage 94. Sorry, no screeny. Okay, I have it, on my old pc. I don't want to put it together so I can get it. I'll get #Idle penalty if I do lol. Anyway, what does Mage 94 means? CASTLE WARS mister, Castle Wars. Yes, I got mage 94 just because I got bored of taking extra 2 potions(Mage) to be able to mage at CW. Well, here's the result of my CWing: CLICK [email protected]


After I achieved these hawt CW legs which I will wear whenever I'm doing anything that doesn't involves combat with high level monsters (For 2 reasons: Def=Addy legs & I don't want to lose them lol.) I checked my overall. BLOODY HELL O_O I'm in deep 3,7k or even 3.8k ranks..How did it happen?! Psh. I hate you - skill buyers. Oh wait..I'm one. But I hate rest of you! Before CWing I was over 3,5k total! What to do?! Well. I achieved the goal, the dream, that I had since RSC.


[email protected]


Oops, you have to click again. Too bad. *slaps head*




Yay! But it still didn't get me far ahead. I'm still under 3,5k total.




But it's ok. I'll fight back. And this is where my 'history' ends and starts my blog and my current goal.






(^ Thanks random person which I met at a random event. You promised you'd check this. So have a credit here. =D If it wasn't for you, this thread would have an ugly picture of Azurechaos' cape. =D I needed a trimmed cape lol. And just kidding about the ugly, <3




(Goal Banner:




Thanks to Draynor.Net)




So here comes my blogness.




Lets start with the stats of the time I start this blog (July 12th, 07. 3:48 AM (O_o, I sleep at odd times.) as I'm typing this line. Actually, 3:49 now lol. Anyway, here's the picture:




Nothing bad, except the lack of 99s. Combat, fletching and cooking isn't much, I think. But I'll change that! That's why 99 FM which probably will be followed by 99 thieving, if Zot Mutske teaches me how to do 1.8m exp/day @ PP (Pyramid Plunder).




Lets continue with my bank. I finally sorted it. Lets compare how it looks now with how itll look after 5 days..^^


Well, I'll hide it, otherwise it would take up alot of space.


[hide=My bank]bank1remakebx8.png






Yes. That's a bank of a level 123. That has played for so long. But what did you expect? Rares? Eww. Just for looks I would buy them. And currently I'd buy only red, white, green or yellow phat. And I can't afford any of them, oh well. Masks = lame (hides) and santa..Too common. Or maybe you expected 500m? Psh. I'm a waster. I waste cash on stuff I don't even use after buying. Lol. But at least I have skillzz x)




Anyway, lets return to my goal, shall we? I hope you still remember what it is. Yes, 99 fm. Well, how will I do it..? If you saw my bank, you'll see a load of yews up there. Yes, that's enough for 99.




^ It shows where I'll be training aswell. Unless that place will be taken. =\




Azure told me that he did 1k logs per hour. With my speed and constant wanting to chat..I'd do 1.5k logs per hr. If I'd nolife, I could manage it in 5 days. But do I want to nolife with just FMing? >_< Lets see how it will go. I don't think it'll be too long.




Well, that's about my goal. Since I only just finished this blog, it's not finished yet (O_O Made no sense.). I'll be adding new stuff etc here. Like Friend's blogs, News and stuff like that. In fact, I'll add them already lol.




Friend's blogs


AzureChaos' blog to 99 mage!!


Iwatake's also amazing blog! But mine beats his any day. <3


Blink's blog to also 99 FM!!


Shey's amazing blog! You just HAVE to click here! ;)


Wolfen's totally cool blog! Yeppp!


Oreo's hawt blog ;)


Drumcakes17 blog! O_O


Celt's aswell amazing blog, just go here!


Muffin Man's (Aka Phaper Plane's) Blog!


Yay! Make sure you click all of them =D






Finally sorted bank..Page 2..I'm gonna make a picture of bank after 5 days and compare it.. Lol..




FM 93 @ Page 3!:o


Fm 94 on page 4!!! <33




[hide=Mate of the day aka MOTD]My mate of the day is.. Mightybigboo! For collecting my ashes for my tarromins & my herblore + helping out ;) :) <3[/hide]




[hide=Donations and helpers]Donations are NOT asked, nor needed, but there are people that just want to help you, so that's why I add this.




^^ Woo, ashes for my tarromins & herblore =D[/hide]




Thanks for reading! <3




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Wewtttt First post!




Good luck with your goals Proffie!!!! <3:




Not mentioned in his blog, but we in IRC like to spell his name wrong so that he doesnt get highlighted such as proffie, profeee, proffee proffy, hehe we make it up as we go along!!! :XD:


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Really nice blog, I love the pics!


Your stats are awesome, nice total lvl too :o


Tbh, your bank is a total mess XD




*Phr33 BuMp*




Soon to be 99 hunter!


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I sacrifice this post for my old blog. I cant have it in 1st post because of smiley limit lol.




[hide=My old blog]


Welcome to Profins' Blog of 126 Combat and 85 Slayer!


First thing (before I start to tell anything about my blog) you should know, is - If You Read This - Make Sure You Post Something! After all it's a matter of max 5 mins and makes me feel better! (Also, this is my first blog!)


[hide=Free cookies]


Currently only way of achieving an amazing choc chip cookie made by amazing powers of mine is to post.


[hide=Or not]


Nop, that was the only way of getting the cookie.


[hide=Just kidding]


I saw you clicking here. Either reply to this thread, or expect something waking you tomorrow. Watch the Magic Words! Kcolc Mrala! Kcolc Mrala! Worromot yug siht pu ekaw!


Now either reply or my magics wont let you sleep. I mean it. No kidding.






Heya! If you're reading this, you must be interested in another guy that wants to get his combat to 126 and slayer to 85. Well, here it is.


Note: Feel free to add me, Hyt me, support me in game. But it'd make me so much happier if you'd support on this thread aswell!






My goal is simple. 99 Attack, 99 Strenght, 99 Defence, 99 Hitpoints, 98 (or 99 if cash allows) Prayer and of course - 85 Slayer to buy the prayer levels.




Stats and bank picLets start with my stats of the starting of this thread and my current stats(Clicky on the square):


[hide=Stats then and now]




Stats of April 9, 2007. Almost HP 97 and just gotten Def 91,Str 96/Cmb 119.






Stats now.




[hide=Latest picture of my bank // April 9th, 2007.]








There should be veracs down there aswell, sold them to get Onyx - I hope for good Onyx Bracelet.[/hide]






And here are my goals in the order I'll train them(Clicky on the square):




















And eventually, mage and ranged.






Of course I'll be getting them to 99 after a while.




Plus, since I'm getting all stats to 70+, here are my smaller goals (Yet I believe I'll get 126 combat (Or at least maxed melee stats) before these):








Thanks to Draynor.Net for these great stat signatures![/hide]




About me and choosing this goal


A little about myself.


Been playing since like '02 or '03. Had several rares. Most of them were given by friends or bought by small prices.


By the '05/'06 I decided to start training skills for real. Sold most of my rares just to buy FM 90(With yews), Herblore 75 (Mostly fishing pots), Fletching 97 (Then it finally hit the 'bored' sign) and many other good stats.


Till now I've been training a little bit of slayer, CWing, training few pures, skilling and many other random stuff. My most insane goal by then was all stats 70+. With many skills only at 60s, it was quite challenging.


Well, few months ago, I mainly managed it. Almost all stats are 70+ now, RC and Hunter are just a matter of patience.


Since I had done this goal, I decided to set a new, challenging goal. Had many offers from friends, but didn't like any.


At least it was so till I went to trade another good friend of mine.


A simple trade, that changed alot.




There I was, sitting at Draynor, waiting for friend to get full inventory of willows. He was getting his WC to 99 which he wanted me to do aswell, yet I didn't like WC _that_ much, to get it to 99. In fact, I dislike it. Doesn't matters anyway, because there was that green dot running to the bank.


"So what this time?" he asked.


"6 gold seals for sceptre? ;-)" I answer and right clicked on him to trade.


Trade Some1xx (Level-126)


And there it was! Combat 126. Just what I wanted.




"Oh sorry, thanks. Thanks alot. Alot!"




How will I get my goals done?


Well, that's how I decided to get my Combat to 126. So far good, right?


No, not right. I still had to work out how on earth I'll be able to afford 98 Prayer. Bones currently are only 1,5k each, but I still need about 70m. 70M!!


Getting maxed melee would be a matter of like 2-3 months at Bandits. But getting cash for prayer 98 would be a matter of years in the speed of my cash earning and wasting..


So, I need to get cash. Alot of cash. I won't figure out how to do it by myself, so I'll have to ask friends. Again. Probably most of the responses will be useless for me anyway.




There, 7 people online with prayer 90+. Lets just ask them all.


1st - Merchanted. No thanks, I've had it enough and lag at W2 lately is terrible.


2nd - PC. Amazing. Never. Boring and pathetic, last thing I'll do for my prayer.


3rd - King Daggs. Hmm. Not a bad idea, yet I have no idea how to kill prime or supreme. And rex alone won't get me enough cash.


4th - Just trained skills and slowly got it up. As I said, that'd take me years.


5th - Pure luck with 3rd age. I wish.


6th - Killed drags, pked. Am I going to kill about 50k dragons? No way. And I don't quite got PKer's stats.


With the last hope, I ask the last one.


"Abby demons lol". Argh! All the ways are either boring, hard or impossible for me.. And Im only 72 slayer! Ill never get 85 slayer..Wait...! I need melee xp and slayer 85! There! Im saved!




The Blog


And here starts my blog. Blog of 85 slayer and most important - combat 126!




If you haven't guessed how am I going to get 126 combat, I'll explain it.


At first I'll be getting 99 Attack, since whipping is very fast and attack cape is just..hawt. Anyway, that should/must get me 80 slayer. After that - 99 strenght that should get me 85 slayer. And 90-99** defence should get me enough whips for prayer 99.


[hide=**]By the starting of this goal, I had 95 Str, 94 Att, 90 Defence and 95 HP. 73 Prayer aswell. Hadn't made a blog yet though.[/hide]


Saddly, those were only approximate calculations.


How it will be actually, is:


99 attack will be 79 slayer and will leave me with 60k~ till 80 slayer. It's been done already.


Now it comes to the harder part. 99 Strenght. D scim. Eww. D scim said enough. But it's important, so I can kill Abbies faster and stronger.


But even getting 99 str with purely slayer isn't enough! Which means I'll have to get 92 def to get 85 slayer :( And it'll be like that only if I won't do anything else.


I'm planning 85 slayer by 93 def, since I'll get some str xp at DKs,KQ, KBD, CW, Pits and many other things.


After that, ~93-99 defence at Abbies should(hopefully) get me enough whips for 99 prayer. In my opinion, I should get about 50 whips to cover prayer and many other costs. If even that won't be enough, I'll do KQ, DK and Barrows for some extra cash.


Somewhere between 85 Slayer and 99 Defence I'll be leveling 99 HP aswell.




Tasks I don't do/rarely do


Well, here's a list of tasks you'll never or rarely will find me doing and a reason why not. Of course it may change aswell.


[hide=Tasks I wont do]


Suqahs - Theire long way away, spread around, in a multi combat where uses both mage and melee which are quite strong.


Killerwatts - Bad xp.


Jungle Horrors - Bad xp, spread around too much.


Cave Horrrors - rarely do, too much spread around - dont like that much of running.


Turoths/Kurasks - Spear has only defence and controlled stats. Cant train str in that way. Plus theire very bad exp.


Skeletal Wyverns - Theire slow xp, hits alot.


Kalphites - Wastes my super antis alot.


Iron/Steel Dragons - Quite impossible with scim. Very very very slow.


Rest of them pretty much I do, cant remember them all though - will add some.


Black Demons - Waste of time. Hits too much, too much of healing.








Since this is just a starting of this Blog, I don't have any pics. Yet. But from now on I'll be screenying every lvl, every good drop etc.








Woohoo! Str 97! 2 more levels!






Only 3 levels to go!!






Woohoo! 83 Herblore! Yay!






Had only 3,3k to lvl. Hehe, fast total lvl up.






HP 97 ^_^




Only old ones I could find:




Total 1,9k ^^




Accidental 99 Attack.. Didn't switch to Strenght after logging and there..4 dds specs and 1k xp were doomed.




[hide=Drops and clue rewards]




^Clue from task #27, Gargoyles.




^Clue from task #23, Gargoyles.




^Clue from task #21, Changed Minotaurs.




^ Clue from task #6, 136 Aberrant Specters.




^ Clue from task #8, 169 Nechryaels.


[hide=Other drops from task #8, 169 Nechryaels]














^ Left Half from task #16, 194 Gargoyles :)




[hide=Other random pictures]




So, have you heard of that mysterious 'X'? I hear it does lotsa good stuffies!






My slayer equipment






First suit is for most of the tasks, second is for weaker monsters and 3rd one is for Infernals/Jellies/BVelds etc. If very easy tasks (changed etc) then I switch guthans skirt for dhides chaps/rockshell legs at 2nd suit. For tasks I need to pray (black dragons, Specters(Yes I know, you dont have to pray, but I prefer it, cause more herbs can be taken and rannars pays back the ppots)) I have proselyte plate/legs, glory/salve(e) and rest pretty much the same.








My homeworld is W69, yet I'll use W99 aswell. Often switching between many worlds if the spots of my task are full.


I always use Shilo/Zanaris/Burthorpe Slayer masters.


Feel free to add me and chit chat about things, to hyt me or just to support me. Hehe. PM is nearly always on.


Also, if anyone have Raw Chompies for sale, I'll buy some.




Slayer Log




Here will go one day's tasks, plus last 1 of previous day - with latest being at top and note's worth drops. Rest of them will be hidden.




33) 150 Aberrant Specters. Didn't finish yet. Taking a break for a little while. Bored.




[hide=Rest of the log]




1) 118 Hellhounds - Lvl 3 clue. 2 Rune pickaxes, black d'hide chaps and 28 bloods. Fun.


2) 114 Kalphites. Changed to 21 goblins.


3) 127 Lesser Demons. No more Zanaris for a while now. Doing anyway, I want the Champion Scroll. - Rune med, 48 Chaos runes, 480 Fires. Lame.


4) 166 Jungle Horrors. Duradel. Eww. Changed to 23 Bats. Bad day for slayer.


5) 167 Jungle Horrors. Curse you, Duradel. Back to Chaeldar. 23 Goblins. Easy peasy.


6) 136 Aberrant Specters. Finally some decent task. From Duradel! Misclicked on the glory lol. Druminator got 180ish Jungle Horrors next to me. Hehe. - 3 Lava battles, 2 rune full helms, lvl 3 clue. Reward at 'Clue rewards' section.


7) 141 Brin(or Birn) Rats. If they aren't as crowded as they were, will finish. ~ Did about 100 of them. Amazingly crowded. I can't see why people goes mad for a weapon that has rubbish stats and currently can kill only 3 monsters (Skeletons at Brain Robbery, Mudskippers/Crabs at Diving Place) :/. Anyway, changed to 19 Goblins. Drops - ~40 Raw sharks(noted), ~10 bloods, ~100 deaths, 50 noted lobsters.


8) 169 Nechryaels. - 180 deaths, 111 chaos, loop half key, 2 rune fulls, rune boots, clue(See reward at rewards section).


9) 61 Suqahs. Changed to 38 Bats.


10) 47 Molaneskis (Or something like that). Left for tomorrow, first task of these. They better be good.


11) 77 Suqahs. Changed to 37 Wolves.


12) 127 Nechryaels. No good drops.


13) 49 Iron Dragons. Changed to 28 Banshees. A clue. Nothing good.


14) 13 Steel Dragons. Changed to 28 Banshees. Nothing.


15) 165 Nechryaels. 2 Teeth half keys (3 Rune bars from chest), 2 Rune Larges. 170 Deaths.


16) 194 Gargoyles. Woohoo! Dragon Shield's Left Half! Rune full helm, 3 addy boots, 350 P Ess, Clue for drops. Still have to do clue, will update :P


17) 137 Nechryaels. 2 Rune Boots, few seeds and a clue. Clue got me Rune G kite! Forgot to screenshot it though :- (


18) 199 Fire Giants. Fire Battle, 132 Rune Arrows..Nothing mentionworthy but the good XP. Friday 13th owns.


19) 13 Black Dragons.


20) 154 Black Demons. Changed to 15 Cave Slimes.


21) 170 Kalphites. Changed to 17 Minotaurs. Clue. Green Ele shirt. Will post pic later.


22) 183 Kalphites. Changed to 15 Icefiends.


23) 184 Gargoyles. Good clue! Got 3 TT items in it! Check rewards section! Also rune full helm as drop, but thats about it.


24) 118 Nechryaels. Rune boots. Clue. Nothing good in clue :(


25) 196 Gargoyles. Rune helm, few addy boots, clue, maul. Nothing amazing in clue.






26) 174 Black Demons. Changed to 36 Goblins.


27) 183 Gargoyles. Got a clue already (and maul). In clue - pirate's hat, check clue's section. Rune Full helm, another maul and another clue, this time - nubful. -- ! 82 Slayer ! --


28) 152 Kalphites. Shoo. 29 Cave Crawlers.


29) 46 Irons. Shoo!! 39 Wolves.


30) 13 Steels. Kidding me? 21 Crawling Hand.


31) 132 Gargoyles. Bad task. No clues, 1 rune helm, 1 addy boots. :(


32) 49 Irons. Dang you, Duradel. 23 Cave Crawlers.


33) 150 Aberrant Specters. Didn't finish, taking a break. So far a nub clue with nub reward.


















































































































































That should be enough of those reserves. :P For a while.[/hide]






These are not required, but appreciated.


[hide=Helpers Donations Supporters]


Nobodysdoll - Gave me 380 Toadflax, 380 Nests, 450 Poison Ivies. That should get me 83 Herblore. Owe him 380 Sara Brews (3) now. Hehe. Thanks!








Day 1. April 9th, '07.


Not so good. Well, today I started my blog. Tasks were terrible, only 2 could be finished, and even then - first one was from last day and second - couldnt finish because were too tired. Amazing. Oh well, sometimes Duradel is in a very bad mood, as Druminator said in his post. I just have to agree. Lets hope for better tasks tomorrow.




Oh yeah, almost forgot - 97 Hitpoints. Closer to 99! Hehe. If everything is right with my approximate calculations, should level 98 before 85 slayer, and 99 at Abyssals. Hate to think how much more I still have to do. I'll need very much of support. But so far, this blog is deserted. :(








Day 2. April 10th, '07.


Once again, a bad day of slayer. At least so far. When logged on, got kicked off 'cause of update. After update I lagged alot, spent ages at those pink rats and not getting any kill. Then I went offline for a few hours. Came back online, got clue done and right before opening casket, decided to PK few macroers. Hehe, got 3 kills. It's fun. Then some lame PKers came (TBer and Barrager - 101 and 106) and tryed to PK me. Where was their mind when attacked a 119? Kicked them a little bit, but since I had a small amount of food and had casket in inventory, decided to go down a few lvls and relog so I can get out of wildy. Worked. At lvl 15 they couldn't attack me. Done more damage to them than they did to me anyway. Small amount of xp gotten today. Lets see if I can get some more xp before going to sleep. Very tired today.




Oh yeah, and here's clue's reward. Not so good, yet not as rubbish as rest of them Hehe. Keep this alive.




Edit: Meh, got a little more exp. A little. Took a task of Nechryaels and gave up, were too tired. Drank some coffee and sold most of the stuff I didn't need from drops/clues. Got extra 2,5m~. Cute. Sleeping now.






Day 3. April 11th, '07.



Quite wasted day. Got total up, only 152k total xp. Very bad.


Oh well, at least finished 169 Nechryaels. Theire getting meanier by every time I go there, I tell ya! I healed very often! Too often, to be honest! At least drops were worth it - with seeds and runes. about 400k together. Hehe. Clue wasn't all that bad aswell. (Check clue's section) - 130k~ has to be earned aswell! A strange clue aswell, first time like this. Well, first was Gnome Coach. No problems. Open the next clue - Gnome Coach! (Gah! I just told him that there ARE 6 Red Troops. He's got a bad memory, I'm telling you!) Meh, next one - Vulcanoes near to Agility Arena. No problems by getting there. Well, I get there, dig it up, run back to Portal. Opened the casket when was on the portal. Youll never guess - again Vulcanoes! Oh well. At least no PKers.


Also thought of my next goals after this one. You see, two of my friends are slowly going after maxed total lvl. One of them semiquit (the one who had higher total already) which means the other one has the chance to catch him up. At moment he's getting his prayer to 99 (He got bones and marrentils already (Altar aswell), but he's lazybutt. Lol.) and seems that Ranged to 99. Which leaves me time for finishing my goals. And then comes the choice what to do next. He agreed with me that FM and Thief are the easyest that are left. And we both got quite high fishing to be able to get it to 99 in like a month, maybe longer.


Well, it seems that we're getting 99 thieving together (He's 76, Im 85), then 99 FM (He's 83 or so, I'm 91) and then 99 fishing (He - 93, me - 85). Why in that order? 99 thieving should get us enough sceptres for our FM lvls. I currently need about 10m for 30kish yews (Thats like 12~ scepters), no idea about him. Yet he's rich enough to buy all the yews already. FM is going to be just a matter of time. Then 99 fishing. Since I have both, FM and Thief higher, I should be done first, which means I'll have the time to start fishing already, hopefully enough to catch him up.


No idea what to do after that though. Probably WC, some more slayer, mage, range, crafting. Don't know though.


Off to sleeping now! \'









Day 4th. April 12th, '07.



Bleh. Bad day, bad day. Worst tasks, honestly. Molanisks - slow respawn. Nearly felt asleep. Drags, Suqahs..Oh come on. Lol. At least got 2 Nechryaels and 194 Gargoyles for tomorrow. Not so bad. Should have 9 free days by the end of the month, will get back the lost xp. No clues. No "good" drops. Really, bad day. At least not so bad at school, but that shouldn't be told here. Nothing much to tell. Well, actually there is. After completing this goal (And other 3 99s) I'll be getting 99 ranged. Through slayer. Should be exactly 90 slayer by then. ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâñ100k xp for slayer. FUN!


Lets hope for a better day tomorrow. Seeya!









Day 5th. Friday 13th. April, '07.


Woohoo, finally a very lucky day, no matter how much you don't believe me!! Got my only second Left Half, from the same monster and from slayer task aswell - Gargoyles! Suits the drag. Heh. Nothing special today without the ~220k strenght expierence. Finally something. I love Fridays 13th. Always been my lucky day. Hehehe!


Also, I'll tell it again - feel free to PM me for some fun chit-chat! Otherwise I get bored during tasks and there's nothing interesting to post here. *Sad*


Oh well. Enjoy this goal as it lasts, max 2 months left till it's done! (If everything's gonna be alright with whip drops)








Day 6th. April 14th, '07.


Woah. This was a strange day!


Started with bad tasks. Gave up, really. But nothing much to do without slayer.


Hmm. ND gave me quite a few Sara Brews. Those should get me 83 Herby, why not?


*Click click click click click*


*Check xp*


Whaat? I should have gotten about 1k exp, friend told me theire 260 xp each!


*Check xp*


*Click click*


*Check xp*


Noooo. Only 180 xp. Lame. Oh well, still need to do these.




So I got those 380 Brews done, cought ND, gave the brews and asked if got anything else to Herblore. And guess what - 270 Super Energies! Yay! But those would leave me very close to lvling, so he gave me 100 Irits aswell! And yay! 83 Herblore!




Okay, now I really don't have anything else to do but slayer. Let's give Duradel the last chance before Chaeldar.


*Operate Glory(3)*


Excellent, you're doing great.. Your next task is..184 Gargoyles! Love you Duradel. Not to mention those left halves and good clues.




And that's when he started to give good tasks. Hehe. 82 slayer aswell. 3 levels left!! I should hurry up. Tomorrow 97 Strenght. Whoot!








Day 7th. April 15th, '07.



A bad day. Very bad. No drops, no exp. Barely 160k str xp. 13k to str 97. :@ Man, I hate when Duradel is MEAN.









Day 9th. April 17th, '07.



Sorry for no update yesterday. Had lame tasks, yet str 97. Got bored of str training and taking a break now for a little while. Tomorrow gonna get a new PC. Fun! Should be easyer to train. CWed a bit already. Now gonna sell ahrims and D SQ - gonna buy infinity. Probably. Hehe.









Day 16th. April 24th, '07.



Sorry for no updating for AGES.


I lately did nothing for slayer, just messed around etc. (Cw, some non cb stuff, money making etc).. Well, yesterday started to train again, got ~200k str xp and now I got ~450k to str 98 and cmb 120!! Woohoo!! Forgot to post lvl-ups, add slayer log..


Other than that, had a fun, I HAD to take a little break. Today a nub called Zezima took my friend's (Ajturtle) spot in HS for herblore. I hate him now. :@






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Good luck with the firemaking cape, Profineeb!


(get to cleaning that bank pic and finishing your "finished" blog btw)




Nice 24 penguin suits too :thumbsup:




Neatly organized blog as well... mine is a mess :|


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[hide][hide][hide][hide][hide][hide]gl Proffy-O[/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide]





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Oohhh, thanks thanks! So far seems that blog is gonna live. :D




And lol @ Doom.




Iwa - I might do it right now, if you nubs at edge wouldnt distract me lol :(



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pssh finally a bloggy :!: Lets hope fming doesnt turn out like pray <.< anywho cant wait to waste more time gratzing ya on your levels and such.




Still pwns ya anyday though :-w






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Thanks :D Get ready for gratsing me on sorting my bank, I'm gonna do it now. :D



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Lolercats narb. Nice siggy thingy with firecape ish thing in the begining tbh o.O! Ill be at your party so i can light a fire where you would have lit yours and then laugh. Where are you burning <_<?






EDIT! :o!...: Gl on 99 fming, forgot to say that -.-'




EDIT2: Wtfh is wrong with my goals :[


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I still have to train 89 - 99 thieving that might take me a while...




Anyways, good luck on 7 levels Proffins!


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Lolercats narb. Nice siggy thingy with firecape ish thing in the begining tbh o.O! Ill be at your party so i can light a fire where you would have lit yours and then laugh. Where are you burning <_<?






EDIT! :o!...: Gl on 99 fming, forgot to say that -.-'




EDIT2: Wtfh is wrong with my goals :[




You can see in that picture, edge. :P




And thankies lol. :) (Guess screaming at edge abou blog works O.o)



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I've cwed with you, I guess, and seen you at Edge. So I guess you made me post. :D




Have fun getting 99 FM, and here's a quick tip I learned from Azurechaos: Don't burn one too many logs at level 98 firemaking if you plan on having a party. >_>


Noted raw mackerel drop... Wtfh?

Always buying: Watermelon seeds, 2K each. Strawberry seeds, 800 each. Contact Via PM on forums.

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Wow! Good Luck on all your goals! :thumbsup:




Thanks AJC for the siggy!

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I've cwed with you, I guess, and seen you at Edge. So I guess you made me post. :D




Have fun getting 99 FM, and here's a quick tip I learned from Azurechaos: Don't burn one too many logs at level 98 firemaking if you plan on having a party. >_>




Ah yes, I remember you. You're the level 112 who decided to take flag and safed it due to death =D Heh.


And I wont burn too many lol. I heard about it. :D






And thanks KQ :)




++ Bank isnt far from being finished



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hey good luck on 99 firemakinG!


i was thinking about racing you


but then i saw those yews and i was like uhhh nvm




99 Fletching 99 Cooking 99 Thieving 99 herbloree 99 magic 99 crafting 99 smithing 99 attack 99 strength 99 defence 99 hitpoints

99woodcutting 99mining 99 fishing 99 firemaking 99 hunter 99 prayer

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What are you burning? Yews are the best, imo, easy to buy at 320 each at w1. :o



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[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=659554]text and pic(s) here[/url]




A link to my blog


99 Fletching 99 Cooking 99 Thieving 99 herbloree 99 magic 99 crafting 99 smithing 99 attack 99 strength 99 defence 99 hitpoints

99woodcutting 99mining 99 fishing 99 firemaking 99 hunter 99 prayer

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Haha, I wrote them down already, but then forums stopped working..




Anyway, I sorted bank a bit!




[hide=Sorted bank]










^_^ Oh, and I tried fming a little bit. I managed 200k per hr without being distracted. But it's boring. So it's gonna be ~31-32 hrs for 99 in this way. But I'd estimate it to 35-40 instead. :o




Tried helping Shey to get back her Naval. Saw alot of tipiters O_O But the game is ruined because of sad burners. :/



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