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My work with Paint dot Net


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quite nice for a beginner




that said its just a load of effects (filter pile)




oh and the text in the first one doesnt really suit it, you need something more caligraphic, since its a kinda 'mystical' style




try making yourself a wallpaper, and dont start with the colouds effect, draw some random squigles... mess with the layer types, opacitys and of corse the various efects, the curves (in layer- adjustments, i think...) can produce soem cool effects, if you want it on one specific tone, sepia is (ctrl+shift+p) then get up the hue and sat (ctrl shift u) and mess about




yeah just explore the different settings and stuff, oh and go on the forum, download a few extra effects and look up some of the tuts.




good luck with it, its very good software when used correctly






100% my own work, i make my own brushes: set 1 set 2

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