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free pixel sigs!!!!


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i want to get better at making pixel sigs and avvys so im making them for free :) dont have any smaples so the first one i make will be an example.








how to order




















anything else
















same but smaller lol

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could you make a woodcutting one for me? heres how i kinda picture it:




people: me




armor: green lumberjack style of clothes and a tan cav




weapon: rune hatchet




where: anywhere with trees :P




anything else: anything you want to make it look cool




text: Spacespiff in like a corner or something and say 75+ woodcutting








thx in advance!!
















edit:oh yeah could you make a matching avvy of me or something? thx again

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Guest Blotfisk

People: Male warrior with red, kinda [bleep]ey hair.








Armor: Rune plate, legs and kite (saradomin if u are skilled enough, but its not a must), Grey femmerik boots and cape, amulet of glory, ring of wealth and red gloves.




Weapon: Dragon battleaxe








Where: In wild somewhere fighting a red dragon








Anything else: no...








Text: Blotfisk, Combat lvl 85+, (upper left corner)




"Fear not the dragon for its size, but for its mind..." (i want that sentence in lower left/right corner with a small but easilly readable font.)












Hope this isn't to much, and plz notify me if u can't make it.

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ok i want.......








A mith rock in front and a man stood behind smashing it.




Then i want the man to were Full rune (t) or sara....




I want the guy to have a rune pik.




And i want the writing Smallboy68 100% mining hater!








Thanks if you can do this! :D

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A guy, thatÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôs in a fight in lumbridge. (staking)












- Full rune, white / yellow phat (u choose)




- Dragon shield




- Dragon Axe




- White cape




- Maybe add some cool thing like signs to the full rune








Another guy (That's fighting him)












- Full rune, white / yellow phat (like if u did guy 1 yellow do this 1 a white phat)




- Dragon medium




- Blonde hair




- Dragon Shield




- Dragon Sword




- Red Cape




- Add some other cool things, no matter what.












Around lumbridge castle, seeing the forest, and add a few other guys duelling / training skills (like fletching or woordcutting 'n firemaking) in the background.




Name: JK








Liek dat?

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