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Take the phishing quiz and post your score! no cheating!!!


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Rating: Safety Guru








Nice work! Your practically clairvoyant knowledge of the Web allows you to spot even the most realistic looking spoofed sites. We're impressed!








But remember that even one misstep on a deceptive Web site can put your personal information at risk which could lead to identity theft or financial losses.








Don't let scammers fool you! SiteAdvisor can help protect your identity by warning you before you visit a risky site.




Rating: Tightrope Walker








I'm never using the internets again :(

How does a profession differ from an occupation?

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8 out of 10 correct! \'


Rating:Saftey Guru, the ones that I got wrong were sites I had never seen before in my life or sites where I wouldn't sign on to them anyway.




I am very wary of everything anyway, so I always double check when I enter my details online.

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