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Nomoredead's Blog - 99 Slayer Accomplished - Now on to 99 Smithing

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Today, I achieved my 5th 99 level; Defence:






Awesome cape, awesome journey. Next 99 on deck is Hitpoints.


Also had a good clue scroll, along with collecting my resources from my kingdom:




Today was an overall awesome day. Can't wait to get my next cape :D.

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Herblore level after cleaning and using some MTK herbs:



Gargoyles have been nice enough to drop me four of these since I started my 99 Defence/HP/Smithing goals. This is the first one I've snapped a shot of:



Now onto an Abberant Spectres task. Hoping for some good herbs and perhaps a clue or two.

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Congratulations, now get that 3rd age reward ;)


Hope you enjoy the cape, what's next?


Thanks a lot James :D. Next cape up is 99 HP, and then after that comes Smithing, and then hopefully a partyhat, depending on how the market shakes out after the update.


Thanks for posting, it's always well appreciated :).


I did get a clue drop today. Not quite third-age value, but not bad, either:



Then a couple random levels:




Next task: Abbysal Demons. Hoping for a whip, or perhaps another nice clue reward :).

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Here comes a rather large post.


So, I ended up totaling 3 Granite Mauls from that Gargoyles task. That gives me seven of those in the bank. I like that.


A nice little level:



So I'm halfway to 99 in Attack. Maybe I'll get that sometime after Smithing.


Now, on to the more interesting part of this post. First, a double reward from a clue:



Third, and fourth straight head piece rewards. I wasn't complaining :P


Then, I got a Desert Strykeworm task, and landed an Elite clue halfway through it. I was completely convinced I was about to make millions. Two Celtic knot puzzles, three puzzle boxes, four aarows, and three orb scans later, I got this:



A nice little drop, but nothing elite. Bittersweet best describes that reward.


Finally, this came to me:



So my Treasure Trails luck has been going strong lately, even though my drops have been somewhat lacking. It all balances out, I figure.


Finishing up my Desert Strykeworms task. About 35 left. Hopefully 98 HP/Constitution will come along in the next few days.

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You are doing great. I'd love to see a picture of your bank :P


Thanks Beer :D. I might just take a shot of it one I get 98 HP, which should be within the next few days.


Today, I had an Aberrant Spectres task which held a total of four clue scrolls, none of which held any TT rewards. Then, I got a Jungle Strykeworms task, which, about 25 kills in, produced my fourth Elite clue (the previous three of which held no rewards). My fifth clue of the day surely would hold something of value, right?




So now I'm finishing up my Jungle Strykeworm task, gettng a new one, and hoping for some better luck.

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Haven't had the opportunity to play much lately, as I've had a very busy last few days. I did get some things done during that time, though, and I got quite a bit done today.


A few days ago, I had a pretty awesome Spiritual Mages task. In my first 25 kills, I had three Dragon Boot drops. Three. That's got to be some kind of record:



Ended up with five pairs of boots at the end of the task. Here's a picture of my final inventory:



After that day, I only really had time to log on to do MTK and check some GE things. That brings us to yesterday, and today.


Did a TOG run, leveled up Dungeoneering:



Had a clue scroll from a slayer task, so I did that. Got my third Pirate hat and second Rune H1 Kite:



Then, I went from 52 to 57 Hunter:



Now back on my Slayer tasks. Currently have an Aberrant Spectres task. Last time I had these I had four clue scrolls during the task, but none of them held a TT reward.


Even if I don't manage to get any good rewards from this task, it should put me either very close to, or just over the experience needed to reach level 98 in Hitpoints. Under 20k to 98 right now :D

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Couple of random levels. Decided to try out hunting chins. Lots of botters :(



Collected my MTK resources. Leveled Herblore:



About 10% of the way from 98-99 Hitpoints. Currently on an Abbysal Demon task with a clue in my inventory. Hoping for some nice drops after skilling for the last few days.

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Couple of interesting things to post.


First, I finally did my Aberrant Spectre Champion Scroll:



Then, I leveld Strength:



I also had my fifth Elite Clue Scroll, but, as with the previous four, this one held nothing in the way of a Treasure Trails specific reward. I also did a Hard clue, but that too held nothing. I currently have a Nechs task, and I landed a pair of rune boots and a clue so far. We'll see how this goes.

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Haven't updated the blog in a couple days. Figured I should get back on that.



Had another Elite clue today, but it didn't produce anything. That makes me 0/6. Also had a Hard clue that resulted in under 50k worth of loot. Clues haven't exactly been my friend lately.


The good news is that I'm under 875k to 99 HP. So that's getting a little closer, at least. Nearly 1/3 of the way there from 98. I'm also under 75k to 89 Slayer. So some good things are on the horizon.

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Congrats on 98 hp!!! :D Well done man, it'll be no time until 99hp, especially with the bonus xp weekend ;) Btw, you might want to continue training hunting until 65, it's very useful for some quests.

Shame on the elite clues, the same thing happened to me in my first 2 elite clues last week :s, better luck next time!


Runescaper since June 2005


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It's been a while, blog.


I'm still alive, and still playing the game with fair frequency. I still have my goal of 99 HP (which I am about 445K experience away from getting), 99 Smithing, and a giant cash pile.


Here's a random level:



Hopefully I'll have something more significant to update in the coming days. I plan on getting back to this blog daily.

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8th 90+ level:



Now just one level away from 1,900 total. That'll probably be either Prayer or Attack, depending on my Slayer tasks.


I've also passed the 2/3 mark between 98 and 99 Hitpoints. Hopefully I'll land that in about ten days.

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Wow. Finally, I can relax on combat.


Took me nearly five months to get from 98 to 99 (mostly because I didn't play much for about four of those months), but I finally have my sixth 99:





Now, I get to sell what I collected between 98 and 99 HP:




Also included, but not pictured:

-340 Sapphires/151 Emeralds/150 Rubies/34 Diamonds (All cut).

-13 Rune Plates/12 Rune Legs.

-52 Rune Hatchets.

-12 Black d-hide bodies/18 Legs.

-20 Rune C-bows/320 Rune Bolts.

-32,025 Pure Essence.

-2,492 Death Runes/3,560 Chaos Runes.


Even more coming soon :)

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Next up on the selling list are the resources I gathered while getting levels such as 85 Mining, 99 Woodcutting, and doing MTK.


14,883 Yew

15,382 Magic

81,502 Maple

17,870 Willow



39,518 Coal

660 Runite



81 Willow

13 Calquat

27 Papaya

32 Curry

14 Palm

36 Maple

14 Yew

8 Magic



1,000 Irit

400 Kwuarm


988 Birds nests.


I'm already up over 20M in sales from the Slayer/HP/TT rewards. Today is a very good day.

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