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Rate my sigs


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You already have a topic just like this. Post your new sigs in there and have this one deleted.




Theres an edit button for a reason, you dont need to double, triple, quadruple post.




Non of them are very good, i posted the reasons why in your other topic. Look at some tutorials.




Again, agreed. :roll:




Making multiple topics spams up the Gallery. :cry:


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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This one turned out suprisingly well







Paint.Net has much better tools than Gimp.




I would love some ratings.






Like you cant get brushes on pdn? And I'm sure lots of tacky filter pipes are great. Read some tutorials for GIMP before you switch to a way inferior program.


danke Schon Sam!^^

"Blood runs thicker, oh were thick as thieves you know"

-Carl Barât

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