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The Best F2P Prayer XP with spending money (lock this)


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I am a nooby level 58 (I don't play much) and I have tried out your method and it really works! This is the best guide i ever used.




I want to suggest a few things




Getting there:You always want to use the green path or you will die and I always go from Edgeville northwest to get there because there aren't a lot of pkers there as in Varrok Wild. Varrok wild has level 70+ that see me going deep and kill me or just str. + range pures.




What to wear:I always bring a rune scimmy (ur not gonna lose it if ur not skulled which im not) (Even if u become u can use 1 item prayer which i got thx to ur guide) +


Steel pl8 body and legs since i can smith it and not expensive. I brings salmon cuz i have like 500. It takes skellys to not attck u after like 10-15min




PKers:I leveled up so quickly and not many pkers. Only ran into 1 group after 2 hours. At level 28 wildly Any time u see a white dot log out because if they pk this deep they r in packs and teems and level 70+ Dont keep privet chat on or these pkers will add u and track u down! There r actually 2 b bones closer to each other if u go up north and like 3 spaces west.




THX!!!:Thx so much for this guide and it has been useful for me. Watch for pkers and good luck leveling prayer. Thx so much for making this guide it really works. Especially for F2P.




So if ur a noob to expert and want fast prayer level do this. If it worked for me an average Joe Noob level 58 it will work for u!!! (Not good idea for going back to mainland and sell these u will run into pkers and its too long!!! If u wanna sell kill hill giantz) BYE BYE!!! THX

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Nice guide, but wouldn't it be easier to go in with nothing on? You wouldn't be at any risk of losing items, and it's really not that hard to get back to the boneyard. 8/10 though, nice guide!





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This is Yomyth105 again and for those ppl who r worried about pkers and losing ur stuff heres wat u bring:








Helmet spot: Nothing




Arrow: Nothing




Necklace: Nothing




Weapon: Rune scimmy




Body: Mith or lower or nothing




Legs Mith or lower or nothing




Ring: none




No gloves boot or capes




There now u have 3 things so if u go unskulled and get pked u die with


ur scimmy body and legs. *If u use a prayer u could keep a b bone ;-)




Got pked only once. Whenever u see a white dot immediatly log off and dont take any chances. If u w8 to see wat level if it is a high level ull get killed or a little lower thay come with their friends and kill u or if its a noob theyll run and log out and if u attck ull get skulleed (lose all items if u get killed)




Funny thing happened to me when I logged in and 2 level 86s were collecting b bones and i logged in in exact same spot as one and they attcked me and i ran north to trees and logged out. They didnt even follow me cuz didnt wanna get skulled and they saw i only had 3 things with no skull!!! THey were nice. Otherwise ppl just kill u for fun and u land in Lumby and go back up there. sigh. K Thx for making this guide and that answers ur questions the ppl who r worried about losing teir things in Wildly. THX!THX! BYE!

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Free Bump, used it on my main, works well but I rather make some cash pking then buy the bones.. I usually pk about 2-3 full rune sets an hour on my pure, overall good but I think earning cash then buying is faster. Very nice find and on my main I brought full rune and scimmy and I pked when I saw people =D . If I loose the rune it doesnt matter, pking is the fun part to this method I beleive..


My lvl 90 and lvl 48, c1oud and waf1le, hacked, lost about 28 mil overall .



A Man Died - 100% F2P -Skiller/Pure Ranger

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kill green dragon autoers and get there d bones they drop sell there hides for mroe bones what cna i say


Dragon Drops: Platelegs x9, Med Helms x7, Plateskirts x4, Shield Left Half x3, At least 75+ Boots!, Hatchets x5, Ruined Shard x1, Solo Claws x2, Dragon 2Hander x1, Spear x2

Whip x27, Dark Bows x9, Draconic Visage x1

sweetol5.png <- do that when you see me :P

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its an ok way, definatly NOT the fastest or most efficient way though. When I was f2p a while back, i wanted 43 prayer aswell. A lil sword above my head seemed kewl. Anyways, I bought bronze arrows and merchanted them to mems, got 400k in about 3 hours. Bought the big bones and buried. Took maybe 4hours total.




Your way is ok, but your risking rune for what? bring nothing.




Also, the respawn rate is very slow, even on full words like w1. Alot of the time you will be just waiting there....even if your burying the normal bones aswell. Much better to get money and buy. Nice try I gues.




get your facts straight. they respawn almost instantly in full world. have you ever tried it? Prolly not.




I never said it was the fastest nor the most efficient. The title says, "without a single gp." I even admitted that the best way is buying bones. But the price is 400-500ea. That stinks. 450gp for a measly 15xp.




At my def...I can afford to take rune and risk it. Even if it is a lvl 126, in f2p the most he could hit is about 25. i have my protect prayers and food. I just runn south from 30-20 and bam...tele.




Besides i am not saying that you take rune. Take dhide for all I care. I just take rune because I am more attentive that way. It keeps me on the edge of my seat and I am alert.

ok this message is to pantim........


ok pantim, the thing is, if u bring rune, what does it matter.... if u stay unskulled and bring plate legs and scimmy u lose nothing even if u die.. this is the better way if u dont have alot of money... u can easily get the 1k bbones buried in 4 hours.. using anim's method its 6k xp an hour? give er take a lil..


thats 24k xp in the 4 hours..... where u do all the merching and buying and stuff when u only got 1k bones whereas u couldve gotten more w/o doing that.....

Barrows Drops: Karils-2 coifs, 1 top, 1 skirt, 1 xbow. Ahrims-1 staff. Torags-1 platebody, 1 legs, 1 helm. Dharoks-1 platebody, 1 helm.


Dragon Drops: 1 Chain, 1 2-hander

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y_anima"]kill green dragon autoers and get there d bones they drop sell there hides for mroe bones what cna i say




I am not member. This guide is for F2P only. Enough said.




P.S. Do you merchant rares? I thought I saw you in w1...

100% F2P

85 Mining achieved on Dec 4, 2007

85 Smithing achieved on May 28, 2009


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