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Your favourite Rune Armor


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Zamorak Trim! I love the look and style. I got it back in f2p when it was 3.2M and santas where 2M so i was RICH! But not it's 2M and santas are 20M but i still love it and it's my most prized pession. Never sold it or anything.

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I like Zammy the most followed by Rune (g). The rune (g) has a great gold colored look, but zammy just seems more appealing to me, the red is great, u can get a full red outfit!


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My brains automatically think of the most expensive one and choose it. :?




I can't choose between (z) and guilded, they both look hawt and great with certain items. :)

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Idarodo | Combat 90 | Total 1565+ | 38m+ total exp



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Zammy, isn't guilded members!?




Yes, gilded armour is for members only.


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i like guthix, not only because he is the best god but because his rune armour makes you look like you have a wiggly, green snail trail :P

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I prefer full Guthix above all others.


Pretty much what Dragon said.

Thread terminated.

I guess that means I'm the thread Terminator?


No Tip.Iters were harmed in the making of this post.

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sara becuz imagine a blue car with either: red, green, white, light blue, or yellow stripes. exactly, plus the insignia is the best, a green squigly? wtf? a red deformed "M"? wtf?


A blue car would look awesome with any of those colors. And its irrelevant, since when was did your character look like a car? Cut down on the carbs a little?


And seriously, the Guthix and Zamorak symbols are actually original. The Saradomin symbol is what, a star? Pretty unique, that saradomin.

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Anything but Guthix or (g), they look so baddddd


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