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Here is the content of my Blog, please enjoy and feel free to give an critism of my poor blogging efforts ;)





[2]Stats, Bank & Outfit


[3]Goals - Short term & long Term


[4]Level ups


[5]Barrow/ Monster drops




[7]Random Achievements


[8]Thanks List










Hey, My Name is Rhys, I'm 18 (19 on September the 10th) I live in Wales, in the Capital - Cardiff. I enjoy Alot of things In Life, hanging round with my friends, & Playing Sports. Rugby is my favorite Sport, and Athletics is trailing behind :P - In my Spare time I Play RuneScape, or Just watch Tele (sky-sports, channel 405 *Gives me all the Updates and latest of Matches, Transfer talks, and Highlights :D*



















Short term goals:-

1700 total level

60+ in all skills


Current skills that are under 60 -

Runecrafting - 54/60

Summoning - 50/60

Agility - 58/60

Theiving - 58/60

Dungeoneering - 40/60

Slayer - 59/60

Contruction - 59/60


Long term goals:-

1800 total level

70+ in all skills


Magic 87/90

attack 72/75

Farming 60/75[/hide]







[hide=Level Ups]

78 Firemaking :)


23 Dungeon :)


65 Smithing :)


79 Range :) Missed the screen shot though :(


54 Slayer :)


56 theiving + 1600 total level :)




56 slayer :)







[hide=Barrow/ Monster Drops]





Had a Dragon platelegs frop from Steel dragons on a slayer task ~ 14/04/2012[/hide]




















[hide=Thanks List]


There are so many people I would like to thank, I don't think I have enough room for everyone but I'd like to say I appreciate everything everyone has done for me over the years!






Extra Infomation


I will Have my Private chat "On" most of the Time, also Join my Clan Chat: Lonk41 ] Thanks =]

Remember ~ Nothing Is Impossible - Lonk41


My Blog :)

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lonkeh nice bloggeh!




woot first post!




ps, where are ya goals :-s


^click to visit my blog! And if u got some spare hammers for my collection, i will always take them just pm me :)

5743th with cooking 99!--8 november 2006--

16361st with str 99! --15 april 2007--

35000th with Attack 99! --20 June 2008--

29524th with Hitpoints 99! --3 August 2008--

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HEy tis a blog of awesomeness! :thumbsup: get some level ups and some piccies, we all love piccies! ::'




Nice outfit \'




good luck on your future goals and keep it up! :XD:

Sn'C Events Team Member



942nd to 99 hunter 2/8/07|26,042nd to reach 99 fletching 27/10/07|Quest Cape Achieved 22/1/08|50,000th to 99 Cooking 29/10/08

Dagannoth King Drops: 7 Zerkers 2 Axes 3 Warriors | Armadyl: 1 hilt first ever trip and kill | Barrows: 2 Dharok Legs 1 Ahrim Skirt 1 Torag Helm 1 Guthan Spear

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My latest Achievement - Beginner Wand:




Next Achievement - Will be an Apprentice Wand:






Very nais lonky, mind if i ask how long that took you?

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around 2 hours - well 2 hours to get all the supply's *myself* and do all those.. I didn't do the Enchantment.. I already had 1k Points :D




So tommorow roughly 5 hours to get a Apprentice Wand :D - then the big daddy Teacher, and maybe sometime in the hols i'll find time for the master :D

Remember ~ Nothing Is Impossible - Lonk41


My Blog :)

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