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Skirt v. Legs


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u could buy granit legs rnt they better than rune? (idk im f2p) but personly idc wat other people wear. o and its just a game it dousant matter wat they think :)
Nah, lower melee def than rune.





2.1M is nothing...why wear a skirt if you can wear legs? Skirts on guys are not cool, no exceptions.




Me poulin? \'


It's still nasty :lol:

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My friend osijek, who is a serious player and skiller wears dskirt. He is currently ranked #250 out of the tons of players who play runescape. He has probably 350m+ in his bank even though he spends tons on skills, and he STILL wears the skirt because money matters no matter how much you have. If you think any other way, you're on the wrong track for rl too. You might have that big wad of cash but if you go using it in the wrong ways without saving cash, you'll be broke, trust me.




I wear dskirt too because with fighter torso, whip, rune def, fury, and black mask it gives an alt outfit to use for slayer when I'm not using guthans to heal. I don't want degradable legs for whipping a lot, and I'd rather save the cash.

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skirt, might as well use it and don't take words from other players, cheaper is good :)

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Guys in skirts annoys me because most of them think they are tough because they wear a females clothing/armor item. Just like how people say "Only real men wear pink." Second, it looks bad because... well... the legs are fat... It looks dumb. I guess I would pick option C because I already have d legs and a whip.

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i bought a d skirt recently :D i mean come on, 1/5 of the price, lighter, and same stats! not even a choice between buying legs or skirt!



and hey, ive gotten a few good reports from jerks saying stuff to me like they did to you.


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3 of the barrows brothers were man enough to wear them, so am I.




Ya, but theres are kinda good looking, d-skirt looks so feminine.

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The skirt is cheaper, lighter, same defence and is much cooler looking. If they don't like your choice, they can shut up and deal with it. It isn't like your forcing them to wear it.


I'm almost certain metallic legs and skirts weigh the same in game.. :-k Though realistically skirt should weigh less.




realistically the legs should defend more, as the skirt leaves your lower legs open to attack and you'd nend up crippled pretty fast. also a well aimed/maneuvered jab could get your private parts :o




fortunately RS isnt RL.


Yeah...Some people just go out of their way to ruin other peoples fun.
Sounds like Jagex to me...

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C. buy rune legs and a whipnon barrows skirts on guys are just... wrong.... *twitch twitch* :shock:



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