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p2p dm `~` look here `~` different ppl offering

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the following people willing 2 dm:


down 4 kill~110 combat


al2ac858670~109 combat


hooh392~106 combat


patriot254~97 combat*muted*


sluggo38~82 combat*muted*




if you wish to dm the following don`t pm them just post here all dms will b melee only no d hide just rune+ and weapons r dscim + dds atleast, u can switch them with ne weapon dragon+, the dms will b held in lvl 35 wilds at the alter












*important keep reading*




i will set up more than 1 2 almost whoever chalenges

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No one is going to Dm that deep into the wilderness...


When they kill you, you'll just log into one of your other accounts and kill them... :-$

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