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Who can you make with new player kits?


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I've been meaning to make this one :mrgreen:








You do the math :thumbsup:



"I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life's ok


Alright already we'll all float on

Alright don't worry we'll all float on" - Isaac Brock

Days Hunting:4 - Kingly Imps Caught:2

Money Earned: 4.5-5m

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I made an almost perfect Romeo, minus the frilly colar. ::' However I have no godly idea how to take a pic of it or how to post it . :oops:


Computer illiterate for the win! :thumbsup:






and rich uncle pennybags would look perfect if there was a cane and top hat.

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shave the beard and you got.......






Shot at 2007-08-18

Don't you know the first rule of MMO's? Anyone higher level than you has no life, and anyone lower than you is a noob.

People in OT eat glass when they are bored.

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Barry Bonds 16 years ago




Barry Bonds today




yeah they don't really look like baseball uniforms but oh well :roll:








needs a few holes in his arms from where the steroids have been


Retired after 2 accounts and 8 years of scapin...2 accounts over 2,000 total...may my life rest in peace

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Lol, My first pots :D




A British redcoat line. I've edited the images slightly but oh well...








thats quite nice, but i only put real images in the hof :(




then come and get me spirit, because thats a crappy chuck norris.




That redcoat line rocks. But the muskets are a little bit strange :P And that they only have 1 rank.




I'm a lover of American History, especially the American Civil War.




Lol, did you ever see an Europian who loves American history? :lol:

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These are the halliwell sisters from the popular tv showed known as "Charmed"




therse Phoebe, Piper, and Paige :D Due to the fact they dont have such... riskay.. items in the design i had to make the last two less interesting but i think it cam eout well known the less and i have two views dunno which is better













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I know its not perfect but it's as close as I could get it, I plan to do more Naruto's. I tried Sasuke but stunk it up, and they don't have the right hair for Naruto.

ha nice 1s,i'm gonna try to make a gaara 1...although it will be verrrry hard...especially since sand gourd and the clothes
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