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Varrock Library Rules

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Somewhere among the scattered buildings stands a newly-built monument made of granite and stone. Etched in the stone in great letters reads: "Varrock Library". Suddenly the heavy wooden doors open seemingly on their own. Up the stairs, toward them you climb, a little hesitant and afraid of what you might find inside.

As you reach the top, you notice the familiar smell of inkwells and burning candles. You step inside the building, and gasp at the sight of empty shelves, once filled with many scrolls and books of work. There was a series of quick footsteps, and you turn around to find the curator, ForsakenMage, standing a few feet away from you. She dips her head slightly and speaks:

"Welcome, my friend, to the Varrock Library, where you, among others, may share chronicles of adventure, humour, excitement, terror, and much, much more.

I am pleased to invite you into this fine establishment, first set by the former curator, The Fluke. You are more than welcome to share your literary creations, but I must ask of you to follow the rules of our temple of words."

On that note, she takes out a scroll from beneath her cloak and unrolls it carefully. She sets this on a podium not too far away and mutters a spell, illuminating the paper until the words came out clear. The scroll ran the following:

What Belongs Here?

The Varrock Library is a forum for both sharing personal creative literary works and for discussing literature in general. You may post your own stories, poems, etc. for critiques and comments. Or, you my ask for book recommendations, discuss genres and authors, and keep track of soon-to-be-published books that you have your eye on.

When posting, please be sure to follow all the rules, as listed below:
The Varrock Library Rules

1. Silence is golden. No spamming is permitted. This forum is for works of fiction, poetry, and any other types of literary works. This does not include your latest trip into the wilderness, thesis about the state of the RuneScape economy, or other non-literature discussion type threads.

2. Respect others. Stories or comments which attack another player are not permitted. The use of famous or well-known players is not allowed. Please do remember that the library is home to many old and valuable tomes, so flame is not allowed in here. If you are critiquing works, do so constructively and without degrading comments or insults. Additionally, respect other users by not hijacking their threads. Do not post your own stories or literary works on someone else's thread - instead, create your own.

3. When posting literature, only original works will be allowed. Do not post any literary works that are not of your own.

4. When writing a multi-part story, please use one thread. This will help us to keep the Library in order.

5. Some creative license will be allowed for language, though excessive swearing is not allowed.

6. No adult situations or depictions thereof. Literary works that are derogatory towards any individual or group will not be allowed. This includes racist, gender based, or jokes at the expense of religious groups.

7. Jokes, riddles, brain teaser, and anything else belonging in those categories are to be posted in the Forum Games Forum.

8. Please be sure to save your work. We recently had a fire that resulted in thousands of works of art to be burned or badly damaged, which explains why the Library is currently empty. We do not keep extra copies of works posted here, so if you wish to keep your works, do so by saving it.

9. Please write in English that is easily readable. Do your best to use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling. If you need help, it is recommended that you read the Writing Guide.

10. This is not the place to post advertisements for writing forums or websites. All advertisements belong in the Advertise Your Thing Here sticky in Off-Topic - nowhere else.

11. Role plays belong in the Falador Tavern.

12. All users are still bound by the Forum Rules.
Written by The Fluke
Revised by ForsakenMage
Date Revised: 16th Day of October of the Year 2010

The curator spoke up softly.

"Thank you, and may our library offer you thousands of treasures to behold and a place to rest from your travels."

With that, she disappeared, leaving behind a quill, inkwell, and scroll for usage by future masters of the literary art.

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