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Mathisfun:1644/1700 Total. :).

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Er, i play runescape...




::Completed Goals::


























::Goal Signatures::








::Side Goals::


Another minor goal of mine is to get the white/blue decorative armour to go along with my defence cape. I have the legs and 53 tickets left, and i need to get 80 tickets for the plate. 27 more :ohnoes:




::Bank ::


[hide]Bank as of...[/hide]




Starting Stat:








Current Stats:








::Skilling Goals::




74/80 Woodcutting::Willows--




0/13k Cut




70/80 Firemaking::Willows from woodcutting












65/70 Mining::Irons, mith, Silver::




0/8k irons::Will mine 11.5k irons though for smithing. I'll give anyone ring of forgings, or rubies plus ores for bars. The forgings have to be done now, because i will be f2p soon. Also, after i mine the irons i am going to fine a few thousand addy ores/mith ores up at hobgoblin mines so i can alch the stuff i make. I have 8k coals form kingdom.




65/70 Smithing::Iron Legs and mith legs from what i mined::




0/11.5k irons to smithed




62/70 Crafting::Tiaras from the silver i mine::




0/7.5k tiara.




64/70 Prayer::Big bones i guess::




Not sure if i am going to do this in f2p but.. 0/24k big bones :ohnoes:






76/80 Magic::Alch stuff i smith::




0/9.3k:::OR::::21,000 curses:::This is going to be hard in f2p, so much loss, or so much time wasted, what is more important :wink: .




73/80 Cooking -Eventually 99 to trim my defence cape :) - ::Lobsters::






0/9,300 Lobs for 80-From 71


0/101k Lobs for 99-From 71


0/91k Lobs from 80






60/75 Runecrafting::Yes, in f2p!:: World 16 Air Company








And get 60+ all skills, i am really close.:


--Level ups to 60--








::What i did on a certain day:: (Only put up 'stories' sometimes)




August 22, 2007:


Today i started off by finishing my cave horror task from the previous day. I got a clue from them, went ahead and did it... Sadly nothing good. Rule plate, 25 bloods, Magic Long, Rune Long, and pure pick or something. Burthoped Broze dragons, got wolves as task. Then i got iron dragons, i had been doing iron dragons ever since the release of the visage, but today i decided to skip that as well. Well guess what, wolves again. Then i got a gargs task, which i did a bit of and logged off. Didn't even get 10k exp today :oops: .




August 23, 2007


Today i worked on slayer, and got around 20k experience. Sold a little bit of my stuff, slowly trying to sell off everything so at the end the only thing i will have left to sell is Guthans, Whip which sell pretty easly.






September 13th 2007:




99 Defence Party:




Place: Lumbridge In Front of the cape seller.


World 99




Time: 2-3:00 PM EST, er i guess everyone is going to have to find a converter for that. :)






Donations: I would have not added this but since i started working on my pure and am not a drop trading narb :P

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woot, def really is better than str and att :thumbsup: good luck with your goals and i hope u have fun with them \'

(840th To 99 Farm. Achieved on February 13th, 2008.) (2942th To 99 Crafting. Achieved on September 9th, 2008.)

(23671th To 99 Magic. Achieved on January 17th, 2009.) (46913th to 99 Hit Points. Achieved on March 20th, 2009.)

(30680th to 99 Range. Achieved on March 21st, 2009.) (66351th to 99 Attack. Achieved on July 8th, 2009.)

(2856th to 99 Herblore. Achieved on August 21st, 2009.) (45985th to 99 Woodcutting. Achieved on November 15th, 2009.)

(6119th to 99 Smithing. Achieved on December 24th, 2009.) (98100th to 99 Cooking. Achieved on January 1st, 2010.)

(63214th to 99 Defence. Achieved on January 30th, 2010.) (122697th to 99 Strength. Achieved on February 11th, 2010.)

(15249th to 99 Prayer. Achieved on March 21st, 2010.) (34209th to 99 Fishing. Achieved on July 7th, 2010.)

(9259th to 99 Summoning. Achieved on July 29th, 2010.) (51712th to 99 Firemaking. Achieved on September 6th, 2010.)

(109036th to 99 Fletching. Achieved on September 28th, 2010.) (15821th to 99 Slayer. Achieved on February 3rd, 2011.)

(11652th to 99 Construction. Achieved on June 18th, 2011.)

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i don't know if this is happening for everyone, but my pictures came out really badly, as far as i can see. I need comments from everyone else on how it look, and if it is clear or not. The ones saved on my computer are perfectly fine, why its not working here is unknown to me.




---edit, even the saved pictures in my computer came out like that (those 11)

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Going to log on now, keep this on the first page! Also, i will add the bank picture when i am become f2p in like 13 days, so i don't have 10 pages of upload, but only 1-2 (going to take a picture of the f2p section only)

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Dude, you have the EXACT same goal as me! Except when I started mine, I had 87 Defence and 79 Slayer. But I don't know whether to stop at 85 and just camp at Abby Demons 'til 99 Defence, or continue on with Slayer after 85 Slayer until I get 99 Defence. :-k


Thanks Jason321 for the sig!^


Proud to have served the Tip.it Crew


Drops: 2x D Chain, 1x D Legs, 2x D Left Half, 1x D spear, 2x D med (monsters), 5x D Med (Barrows), 4x D Axe, 2x Zerker, Abyssal whip x1, 7x D Boots

Barrows items: 55 (not counting the meds)

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Dude, you have the EXACT same goal as me! Except when I started mine, I had 87 Defence and 79 Slayer. But I don't know whether to stop at 85 and just camp at Abby Demons 'til 99 Defence, or continue on with Slayer after 85 Slayer until I get 99 Defence. :-k




hehe, i actually started out much eariler, at 60 or so slayer i had a blog. Although i have abandoned that and started a new blog. I plan on camping at demons until 99 defence, i have 10 days of members left. But later when i go for 99 attack it will be through slayer once again. Strength most likely is going to be achieved by camping out at demons though.

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