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Navyplaya's Mostly Photo Gallery- Updated 6/13/12


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I´ve been away for months too, decided to take a look... I never expected to see you back here :)


Good to see you're still photographing, I am still doing it too (and probably will do it until I die)... lots of things happened, good to see you here ;)



I really like the photo of the girl, a shame you cant post the rest of the photos.



[Tip.it Moderator from Dec 10, 2006 to 03 Sep, 2008]

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  • 2 years later...

Quite a while.

I'd say a few of cave pics are a tad bit off focus.

I love the photo with barbed wire. And the last one, with lightning.

And Triple Bar B Que! I wonder what it might taste like, real American Barbecue...



So I've noticed this thread's regulars all follow similar trends.


RPG is constantly dealing with psycho exes.

Muggi reminds us of the joys of polygamy.

Saq is totally oblivious to how much chicks dig him.

I strike out every other week.

Kalphite wages a war against the friend zone.

Randox pretty much stays rational.

Etc, etc


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