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Funnies Moments In Life


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*sigh* this is probably gonna be giant/bad...




My favorite moment so far, was on my class trip to DC. Not only did we get evacuated from the capital, my Social Studies teacher got searched at both airports, both times. He had an invalid driver's liscense, it expired and they hadn't sent him a notice telling him. It was funny, i got pictures at Manchester, and one of my friends got a video of him getting searched. Too bad our other team teachers weren't there to see it, they were with the girls going through security.




Post yours!


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welll my funniest moment this week was when i was walking down the street with my friend. and he was slightly behind me so i turned to say something. and right when i turned i walked into a pole and just as i did 4 kids in a convertible went by and one of them said




"ha you walked into a pole!"




i dunno i guess it was funnier if u were there lawl

Look its rob!

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