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|Operator's Journal| ~Breaking for a While~

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Well, I got one major thing done today. HERO'S QUEST!!!




Big thanks to Master_Smither for helping me through it, as well as letting me borrow his black armour. He is the one who encouraged me to do it. :)








Got these levels.












1398 Total. Two more until 1400 Total!

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Grats on semi-free laws and Heroes is a fun quest. :)




Thank you much, Game.




Congratulations on completing Heroes Quest, now you can charge your own glories for Runecrafting!! Awesome!!!




Merry Christmas! :thumbsup:




I am so happy about that. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you, too.




Gratz on 54 rcing + Heros Quest complete :P Go get that legends cape :XD:








The legends cape is cool, but I like my spottier one more. :P And it is more helpful during runecrafting. Merry Christmas!












1399 Total. And I also have 4.8k nats in bank exactly. How about that? ::'




In other new, I might write up a small goal description about what I am doing with this runecrafting. I like it a lot, and haven't gotten bored of it after some 16 levels... Maybe its a new primary goal. Either way...

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60 Runecrafting. ::'


You cant be that good. U lie!






Hehe Grats.




::' I'll be happy when I get to 75. This is just a minor milestone. Thanks!




In other news, I got a Ps2 and an Xbox, so I haven't been on much. But I doubt I'll play those more than Runescape. Back to some more rcing!

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wow that is sad zezima can make worlds lagholes without trying




anywho gl with your goals ...i was just rcing got 54 and got realy sad when i realized no pick ax in law place so i stoped :wall:

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hey gl with 99 rc and thanks for showing how to hunt red chins lol




im such a noob i cant believe i asked this guy for help!!! :-w

Total Lvl: 1653/Combat lvl: 101/Quest Points: 184.

Highest Stat - 99 Fletching/Achieved On Dec 2007.

2nd Highest Stat - 89 Woodcutting.

Lowest Stat - 31 Summoning.

All Stats - Over Lvl 50 (Except Summoning)/Achieved On Janurary 2008.

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