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Tipitchat Declines.......

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For your information I have not come out of the blue, I have been modding tipit chat on and off since the beginning. I chose not to mod often because its such a headache to mod, and I do have mod responsibilities in another Clan Chat.




I have been modding the Official Tipit IRC Channel for the past 6 months, so I do know what I am doing, and I do know the Runescape and Tipit Forum rules, and it is not a power thing, it is to stop the crap that goes on in there when it goes too far.




I will kick if someone warrants kicking, and I will not take threats and accusations that I kicked for no reason, I do not kick for no reason.

As you say on and off. I have only seen you once or twice. Sounds like you need to chill, take a break from modding. Perhaps you have another file no one knows of? Gotta love how your trying to pull words out of my mouth though.




She does go into more than 1 chat (I'm sure you know), and there's other things that keep people busy.

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Attention everyone: The new tipitchat is Lightning, she said it herself, she will post a message in a little while.




When you mentioned the Dragon Plates I had a sudden vision of a load of gangsters running around in fancy dress yealling "Grim Reaper in da hood!"

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Hi Lightning,




I have just had a meeting with the head of Community Management and Player Support about the account tipitchat.




The conclusion of the meeting was that we cannot allow this account to be used for your chat channel.




Although we can see the benefits of this account being used, there are two reason why we felt we cannot allow it to happen.




Firstly, other players may abuse the channel. I am sure you are aware that many players mistakingly think that Jagex runs Tip.It and some of our less trustworthy players will exploit that.




Secondly, we do not want to start a precedent of allowing websites to have their own 'officially' names chat accounts. Although this would be no problem for the bigger fansites there are those who will abuse this.




Be left in no doubt that we have the utmost confidence in your ability to organise and moderate a chat channel. This is why we are quite happy for you to make a tipit chat channel.




If you could create a new account which does not have the word 'tipit' in then you are quite welcome to host your chat channel on there. Once you have transferred the information that you need to onto your new account, could you disable the channel on Tipitchat and let me know. I can then remove that account.




I hope you understand our decision on this.




Yours sincerely,







Well I thought this was already the case and why i contacted them awhile ago. I have no disagreements over their decision as if they did let us continue then it would open up holes for other fansites to do the same etc etc,




So I have transfered all now over to Lightning.




So if you still want to join tip.it chat . log in by Lightning please




btw i dont normally show messages from jagex to me but i thought it be better all round if yo saw this one as it explains all.




abit of a pain but i changed all over just a few minutes ago.

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oh it is all clear now :-k ..nice work for letting everyone know







now playing on l0wer cla55 =D (yes i like that name too)

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