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Quest that is the most useful/best rewards?

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Lol, too many important quests.




Druidic ritual= herblore skill


Rune mysteries= Runecrafting


Desert treasure= ancient magics


Lunar Diplomacy= Lunar magics


Grand tree= spirit trees


Fairy tale part 2= fairy rings


dragon slayer= rune plates




list goes on and on...


tip it would pay me $500.00 to keep my clothes ON :( :lol:
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Dragon Slayer quest, so I can wear rune plates.
Yep, having the ability to wear magical dishwear is exciting. :P




In all seriousness, with all the new armour updates the quest reward from Dragon Slayer seems obsolete...




not to f2p. rune pl8 is the best possible armor in f2p



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rune musteries = runecrafting. So it wins hands down.


yep. i'd say the second most useful quest is druid ritual to start the herblore skill

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I'll have to say Recipe for Disaster. I use the dark gloves for virtualy every combat senario, not to mention the rewards that are included from the quests needed for complete it in the first place.




However, ones such as Fairy Tale P2 and Priest in Peril are also very important and have become a real nessecity in my daily rs life.


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