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Do you use other RS Fansite Forums than Tip.it?


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I was wondering how big of a population here are also members and frequent posters on other RS Fansite Forums?


If you do use other fansite RS forums than tip.it please tell us which ones and rate how active you are on it compared to tip.it




UPDATE: The Offical Runescape Forums (on http://www.runescape.com) does not count so you don't have to mention it.




I have accounts on Sal's Realm, RSC, RuneVillage and RuneHQ and all the posts I've made on all those forums count up to about 5.




Tip.it Rules! :thumbsup:


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I have an account on runescape community, but I never use it.

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Nope :D Tip.it is the best! :thumbsup:


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No but i do have 15,678 posts on RSOF

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Well I used to be a member at Oreo's Guild of Elite Skillers, but when he quit I stopped going there. I also used to be co-owner in an extremely small fansite but it fell through. But I've never used any other major fansite. :)


(I do read the new articles at Runehead, but I'm not sure that counts as a major fansite nor using the forums)

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I have an account with runescape community for watching pk videos but my post count is still under 20 i think. I tried to join runehq but something messed up with the validation and i couldn't be bothered to pursue it any further.. it's their loss i guess :P other than that i'm a regular poster on 2 very small community sites each with about 50 members. I still consider tip.it as my 'main' forum though.



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I use a few other fansites for their databases (although refuse to use Zybez because of their advertising policy, no matter how good their price guide is), but I don't recall ever using their forums.




Wait, I lie. I was on RSBandB's for a while, but left that when I left RS, and having been back since I got back.

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