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Monday Poll: What's your skill colour!


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Give me a Y!


Give me an E!


Give me an L!


Give me an L!


Give me an O!


Give me a W!


What does that spell?








I'm definetly a yellow. Oh, and I'm definetly NOT a cheerleader. I hate cheerleading. I just did it for no reason at all.

Google is evil!


I like pie!

That is all.

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I enjoy all skills. I feel that if you take advantage of everything available to you it makes the game more fun overall. \'

Pirate Rosetta stone. Learn a language while you scape.

Sounds interesting, but these days how many people really speak Pirate?

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I be most definatly brown, methinks me loves both farming and woodcuting, and although I have a minor disagreement with that skill named mining, it is countered most excellently by the joy I receive when partaking in Herblore and Firemaking.

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