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What's the funniest runescape name, you've seen?


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i have 2 names to mention. not so much funny as inapropriate. erocatfetish and eroticfetish. and yes they know eachother irl so its no coincidence. sadly i also know them irl -.- and sorry about their spamming of tipitchat last night. im pretty sure that they got banned by now. <.<

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i was owning




i f Ll k ya look like I F Ll K ya




u s ll k look like U S Ll k






one of my friend had a mage staker in rsc named







something to say about my english grammar ?!?!? , okay , but do it in french !

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well, i saw a level 120 something in yanille called dirty0ldman, for a name to classify as funny its got to have wit to it. :P


although, i have to say, a name like "a black man" just has so many circumstances that would make it funny, even if it can be interpreted as slightly racist.




i've also met a guy named "7," he was level 77, lol.

nudist hippy vegan elves who inexplicably wear leather.
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Hairy asss :lol:

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670th to 99 Smithing July 21st, 07 |743rd to 99 Mining November 29th, 07 | 649th to 99 Runecrafting May 18th, 08 | 29,050th to 99 Defence October 20th, 08 | 20,700th to 99 Magic November 8, 08 | 47,938th to 99 Attack December 19, 08 | 37,829th to 99 Hitpoints December 24, 08 | 68,604th to 99 Strength February 4, 09 | 27,983rd to 99 Range February 9, 09 | 9,725th to 99 Prayer June 8, 09 | 6,620th to 99 Slayer December, 12 09 | 4,075th to 99 Summoning December, 28 09 | 3,551th to 99 Herblore February 24, 10 | 3,192th to 99 Dungeoneering November 11, 10 | 146,600th to 99 Cooking December 29th, 10 | 11,333rd to 99 Construction June 7th, 11 | 16,648th to 99 Farming August 1st, 11 | 19,993th to 99 Crafting August 2nd, 11 | 89,739th to 99 Woodcutting Janurary 1st, 12 | 55,424th to 99 Fishing May 9th, 12| 60,648th to 99 Firemaking May 12th, 12 | 16666th to 99 Agility May 17th, 2012 | 24476th to 99 Hunter June 1st, 2012 | 57,881st to 99 Fletching June 1st, 2012 | All 99s June 1st, 2012 | 3183th to 120 Dungeoneering July 24th, 2012 | 2341st to 2496 Total level July 24th, 2012 | Completionist Cape July 24th, 2012

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I saw this one person the other day who had a great name. it was S E E nile






also one of my accounts name is "meh im only" I love it because when a person puts their cursor over my character it will say "meh im only (level 3)"




another account i have is "bloodlustbro"






thats all i have for right now....wait i also saw this dude whos name was "hyt"...kind of ironic because he did not use tip it....i'm done now

Rubber chicken, you're the one,

who makes Runescape, so much fun!

Would be fun if jagex brought in biological warfare... Or even Tesla coils.


I like to eat cake while excruciating!

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