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What is your religion?


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Athiest. We've also had about five of these threads in the past two months. :lol:




Cough. Mine was made about 4 months ago. Where'd that go? It didn't even have 9 pages.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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I've been brought up to be a Sikh, but I have very little faith in God. Kinda' contradicting seen as though religion revolves around God.



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Ooh 8 pages and I'll be the first one to post this religion. I'll preface it by saying I'm probably older than most of you and am not a big fan of religious debates since there is a lot of closed mindedness on all sides of it. I spent my childhood raised in the LDS church but was more of an athiest for most of early adult years and rarely attended church but now in my late 20s am actively LDS again. Don't really want to get into the hows and whys of it all other than to say that religion has to be a personal decision and not one that your family or community can make for you.

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I'm an atheist. But it's not my fault, it's just the way god made me.




To be honest I don't believe in a god per say, I believe that if there is such a thing, then it's in all of us. We as a people have the ability to make the world a better place, but it's mainly because of different religions that we have had so many wars that are still going on to this day.




To quote somebody famous "Why can't we just all, get along?"

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I'm a Catholic, so the Pope ftw!


The pope always scared me. IMO, at least John Paul II didn't look as scary.




Yes, Herr Ratzinger is a bit :twisted: evil :twisted: looking. But I never listened to the pope anyways...




I'm a Roman Catholic. Yes, we are a bit hypocritical, but meh...




I like to question everything, and ther are a lot of things out of the bible that are complete nonsense. So...Chistian with an evolutionary-quantum-scientific touch! SCIENCE FTW!



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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I've now finished cleaning this topic, anymore debating about the validity of any religion on this topic will now be removed.




If any of you want to continue their debates through pm and want to use a post i've cleaned as a source, just let me know and i'll get hold of the post for you.




Thanks for your patience.

"Da mihi castitatem et continentam, sed noli modo"

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Spiritual / non religious.




Care to go a bit more into detail?






...LDS ....




first i read LSD church and thought: o.0 cool!




Turns out that LDS are mormons. I just read a bit on it and there seem to be some interesting concepts in there, especially regarding the spirit world. Reminds me a bit on some Hindu concepts.

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