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Is Barrow likely to decrease even more?


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all pres sink, d chain is down form 14,3 to 12,2 now!!! omg i bogt it for 13,8 cuz i thougtwotn sonk more :(




In English :P I bought my first chain for over 32mil so don't complain too much.




Prices cannot drop too much as the demand will not allow it to get out of control so that everyone could get them.


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yeah really a good time to do that. A little guide here hehe, Rares goes up but do you know why? For every Perm banned person on RS that has p hat or a santa etc. The price goes up. Because it's getting rarer and rarer.



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Hello, :)




No one can predict the future but it seems that nowadays there is gold farmers doing barrows, thus causing the price of barrows armour to drop a little more month after month.






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Most likely it will drop about 500k more and steady out because we are now entering the rares season :)

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