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Wow, really nice!


Here are a few things In my opinion (you dont have to listen to me since im not that great at graphics)...








Looks good, i dont really like the piar of glasses above him on the left, and could do with some clipping masks.






Love it, looks great! I dont really like the stripes in the corner though.






Wow. Amazing, one of the best Sprites ive seen. Not sure about the big bright spot under the text though. Looks great.






Lights coming from the wrong way, and the light is a bit too big, or bright in my opinion. But i love the use of the pentool (you got to teach me how to do that!).






Looks great, nothing much to critisize about it, except the text is not too clear, i like it though. Oh and great coloring!






Only thing i could reccomend is fade to black on the sides, other than that it looks great.






Don't really like this one, to colorful too.






Looks amazing! Yellow is a bit bright though.






I like the clipping mask squares, but not too many. The sides of her look too saturated, I like the text!






Great! Im not much of a fan of the half border thing though.






Like the color use, looks good!






Blows me away, nice work! tone down the blue spot right of the text a tad though.






Looks great, dont like the whole leaf thing, and maybe a border?






Love your work! Keep it up :mrgreen:

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Wow some nice work there.




My favorites are #3, #4, and #8.




Good job, keep it up. :)


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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Nice work. Its good to see another good artist come to these boards, hopefully you'll stay.




Anyways the second and third images are probably my favorite.






A question but do you do your own 3D renders? I ask that because the one in the second image looks very nice.

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I rather dislike the top one. It's rather.. random. :(




The rest look good though. Some favourites:










Both look great. ::'




8/10 for the Gallery.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

RIP Michaelangelopolous

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Hi Mr. Planetrenders. ::'


I see you have entered this sig into the NSOTW.


I say Gl to you. I'm Dart on PR btw.


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what program do you use? just msg me back by pm


Hate is a strong word<3:


need 130k willows for 99 fm, or 3 mil to buy them "sniff"

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Nice gallery. I'll give it a 7/10.


Also good to see a new face.




Not that these old ones get boring or anything :anxious:





















-All sigs by me.

[My Gallery]

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