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Halo Discussion thread

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Here are a few videos that I thought I might share. The first is the Halo 2 Anniversary documentary which I really recommend hardcore fans to watch. It amped me up and made me quite nostalgic. The second is a lower budget, privately edited documentary by Zola going over Halo 2 back in the day and how it grew in the competitive scene. Haven't finished watching it all the way through, but it's pretty good as well.




Halo Master Chief Collection comes out on the 11th for the Xbox One. I personally don't have an Xbox One, nor can I afford it at this time. But I'm hoping a neat bundle and holiday special will come around for Christmas so I can get the MCC and an Xbox One. Halo MCC is the only reason I would buy the Xbox One at this point. Not interested in any other big titles.


I've already seen some gameplay for Halo 2 Anniversary, and it looks fantastic. The graphical upgrades look amazing.


For not having the console required to play it, nor having the game itself pre-ordered, I'm pretty damn hyped for the game to come out. Anyone else excited?

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I do wish I had the monies to be able to re-play halo 2(without all the rampant cheating). I am pretty sure I had the most fun playing that one, but it was ~10 years ago, rose tinted much? Auto-aim sniper swipe kills! hmmmm I still feel halo 2 had the best map variety, small, big, symetrical, asym, just really good layouts. Halo 2 was also the last "tongue and cheek" slightly silly, not serious campaign. So that holds up. Also very few invisible walls, I loved just walking around outside the map, both campaign and multi-player.

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I was extremely impressed when Halo Combat Evolved came out. I was used to playing on the PS1 and N64 at the time. Co-op Halo was probably my favorite old school gaming experience.

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