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Best Way to make 1.8m


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Well, your stats are ok, but it may take awhile to make 1.8m.


if you have any decent items maybe you can merchant. If not, maybe you can cut loads of yews, or fish of loads of lobsters, may take you awhile but it will get you your 1.8m in time.

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To be honest I find it suprising that you would find it hard to make 1.8 mill :-s




Your combat Stats are good, Could spend the 70k on cooked lobs and try at Fight Caves?




You could also use the double Nature company

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Its not about Combat skills its the making money skills that are low :wink:




Mine like 1k pure ess..get another 80k or so, invest it in pray pots and anti fire pots, go down to steels, and you might just get those d legs ::'

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Wc/Fishing/coal mining seem to be your best cash making stats i can see.




I'd reccomend getting 44 rc and rcing nats, you'll get 1.8m very quickly and you're not far off 44.




Either way it's gonna take a while, but if you took the time to get rc now you'll be glad later.




Or merchant...but don't do that because...ew merchanting




If none of these tickle your fancy then i don't really know...barrows is probably a little too difficult to profit properly from, most bosses are out of your league, so just hang in there and once you have cash it's easier to make cash, bear that in mind. Also the fact that in training these skills the speed cash comes in increases, ESPECIALLY once you hit 44 rc.




Bear in mind the stats of d skirt are the same as d legs, if you don't mind that and just want them for function.

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Just want money fast or want to raise skills?




If you just want money fast, herblore components are the way to go. Collect items like potato cactus, wine of zammy, mort myre fungi and so forth. You can easily make 300-400k+ an hour if you do it right.

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Well it was stated before, read your own thread!




Red spiders eggs, mort myre fungi, potatoe cactus, snape grass, even eyes of news.




Just collect them at their spawn point. Most of them sell for 700+ ea.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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