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Famous People on Runescape


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Runescape is a kids' game. Do you think someone with tens of millions who's wrapped up in the "glamor scene" would have time/be interested in playing an online game that is geared at children?




Quinton "Rampage" Jackson plays various online games. I'd post a link to the article, but there's mild profanity in it.




Jens Pulver plays World of Warcraft.




For those who don't know both of these guys are professional fighters in the UFC.




There are way too many people who play Runescape for there not to be at least a few celebrities who play.




Here's a link to the article about George Bush playing Runescape:




George Bush Ownz on Runescape




(And yes, for those who can't tell, it is not true and is supposed to be funny)

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I heard Bill Gates son played.




I think his name was "King Roy4"


Not sure.




Master Chief is not dead.






I have the same name as a football player, so in turn, he plays?




Aside from that, ive only hear the rumor of emma watson (hohto :P) and the kid from little people big world (who if I remember right was encouraging the breaking of rules in one of the episodes :wall: )




If anyone knows how MSI is (a band) they play alot of video games..maybe one of them plays..


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Bill Gates. C'mon he did create the Internet. :lol:


Rofl, that above post is so hilarious at the fact that he believes that...




I know Mod Daniel asked some guy in Metallica to play RuneScape at a gig he went to, which I found quite amusing.




I've asked Hayley to play but she won't cos she's too involved in her band at the mo'.




Other than that I don't know of anyone.

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David Spade plays RS and so does the guy that's Ronald Mc donald, Micheal Jackson, M&M, linkin park's lead singer too.

Don't you know the first rule of MMO's? Anyone higher level than you has no life, and anyone lower than you is a noob.

People in OT eat glass when they are bored.

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has anyone seen small people big world? well the midget kid plays runescape... on one of the episode he's seen playing and his sister or brother saying "all you do is play runescape" or something hahaha




I don't think I saw that episode of little people big world but I think I've seen runescape on the computer in the house when Zack's been sitting there.

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I know that the kids from Little People, Big World play. And I also heard a rumor that Curt Schilling plays. I know that he plays WoW and Everquest, but im not to sure about RS. Miley Cyrus supposedly plays too.

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