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The Way we Were: A History of RuneScape


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i bare the gift of my only two world maps dating;




November 2004- http://i21.tinypic.com/5ajcyu.jpg




Feb 2005- http://i23.tinypic.com/vhup04.jpg




come to think of it i wish i saved more maps :(




you can see in those few months we got given some VERY major quest areas suck as port phatsy (ghost ahoy!) monkey madness and the space where in April barrows was added!




i am seriously requesting that any player that has a picture of the old main page where the "play now" button was a huge red one, post it! I've been hunting for this for a long time now, it brings back so many memories it's just a bit older then the oldest front page currently saved.








EDIT: Holy Be-jebus! the magic carpet travel has been around for over two years?!? (see interface's update list) it seems like i first moaned on the old forums about how easy it would be to now travel in the desert only a few months ago! oh my, time does fly.






Old runescape [Classic] logo (i think around '02-'03 (trawling through the archive.org site now.))




Current '04 to now.

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Aww man, I miss the good ole' days. I wish I knew how to take screenies in my noob days, I'd have lots of great pictures to share. This thread brings back alot of good memories.

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There we go :) the thread is now upto date!




you missed out my other map, it's November '04, before miscellania was released one month following shown in the other map. but taa for sticking the other one up :)




this collection of history is looking great =D>

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There we go :) the thread is now upto date!




you missed out my other map, it's November '04, before miscellania was released one month following shown in the other map. but taa for sticking the other one up :)




this collection of history is looking great =D>




Oh sorry, it looked the same so i left it.... I will put it up now.

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The picture you have at 'Easter 2006' is in fact Easter 2007 (Notice the people with the chicken suits)




Anywho, here are some real pictures of Easter '06.




The big bird (the source of Easter eggs :D)






Yourself as a wee bunny :D
















The eggs you were supposed to dig up and eat. You had to eat the magic one in order to become a bunny, and enter the hole.






Thanks to Jwrm22 for helping me with the signature :D

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I have an old image of the fighting interface, not sure if its really useful atm and sorry its not cropped :( U can crop if you want though



Playing for 4 years with only 3 drag drops. most amount of cash ever had: 15m :P

Something tells me im not very good at this game...


Dragon Drops: 2 D skirt, 1 D med

Barrow Drops:1 Dh helm, 1 Guthan's body.

253+ quest points and counting :)


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you know whats funny is i can honestly say i remember about 98% of those interfaces and things.... i personaly preferd the old world select.... was easyer to read and loaded much quicker.... i dont remember those old highscores though.... then again i didnt use em much back then.... i remember the MASS collection of rant i read when they made skills font orange... what gave jagex that crazy idea i dont know but it sure didnt last long. i dont remember that old front page either.... i remember ALL holidays as far as yo yo that was my very first.... i remember how i got it too.... i was still a noob and it was first holiday i started playing in december at that was just walking round fally and i saw a santa clause with a talk to option so i did and im sure there was a conversation then he gave me a box with ribbon back then i had died so many times i wasnt exacly sure i wanted to open it.... i know santas a good guy buy you never know lol well i opend it anyways and got a yo yo im guessing it was new at the time cause lots of peaple were askin were i got at... i told him its a special gift from santa to me only.... had quite a few offers of peaple tryin to buy for 10k gp (un tradeble though and back then 10k was a lot for me) was my very first event then i got rubber chicken and somthin else for halloween lol...




i can get pics of all holiday items as far back as yo yo if you want.... ive done all events even with my short 4 month dissapearence 2 years back...




i reconise those rsc pics only cause i played for 5 min the other day.... saw a lv 94 lol... i killed a highway man too lmao.... i dont play rsc sooo it got boring real fast!!!




well back to what i was doin... plannin out my farming to 64 from 59 (current lv) its not gonna be chap i'm thinkin of buyin 10 papaya seeds at a time (need 25 plants total) buy 10 make a some cash to cover what i lose probely 5 days worth of b staffs (94k profit each day off them) then buy another 10 then make money then buy 5 then i'll be 64 make evil stews till i get one that'll get me 70 farm grow a poision ivy bush and have that hard varrock achievment out of the way then need to get 60 somthing smith to use stew and make addy med.... theeeeeennn other stuff is not to hard... make a spottier cape (need to dashing furs which you can usualy get free on weekends from trainers) thenmake varrock telly tab thing (i can do that in some high lvs house for free too) and home telly in anchient spell book thats just somthing thats out of the way for me only reason i havnt done it yet lol. so ya i got a bit o' work to do so bye








p.s. i do accept donations of iron + (+ meaning or higher) ores / bars and dash furs and any high lv seeds such as watermelon... curry , pineapple... high lv herbs... ect.... stuff that'll get me 64 farm in less than a week


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I have some picture, but they are in microsoft word....


coz I dunno where to store picture in the past!!




I will try to get it out!!



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Oh, I love this thread. I have played since 2004 and I remember a lot of these things. I find it hard to believe that most people have played less than a year. I never really considered myself an old player until now. I was never RSC but I remember lots of graphics changes and those old holiday events. I think I will go wack people with my rubber chicken. =P




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