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Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!


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111 hards done!


nice I've done a lot more overall. none so far but I'll get eventually. would feel so great. congrats  :D






congrats  :D one of my favorite skills now 

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Honestly the exp doesn't matter so much to me. I'll just happen to get 120/200M and I'll still be doing it even after 200M.

It's just such a nice and easy way to get afk money for bonds every two weeks, and it's arguably the best source of Hard and Elite clues.

Then at some point I'll maybe hopefully get the pet, but if I don't then oh well. I'm definitely bound to get it eventually but it's not really my goal. :P




Finished getting my 200 stack of Biscuits though.

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Sooooo awesome




Been wanting that bow for a while, couldn't find anything else that looked this good. So I looked it up and figured out it was part of Spirit Hunter outfit that costs 600 Runecoins (rip)

3 Bonds being 585 Runecoins, and I had 14 Runecoins leftover from previous stuff, so I'd be stuck at 599 but Jagex is kind and gave me the last one for free. So I sold stuff and scraped the money for bonds, then when I went to buy it I realized it came with the walk animation so I was like, niiiiice. Never noticed that when I looked it up on the wiki. Kind of a nice surprise since I was initially buying this just for the bow, lol. I don't even like the outfit.


It looks kinda funny with a 2h sword, and not bad at all with a staff, but it looks so beastly with a bow though.

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There are several skull tricks in the game right now, don't bring ANYTHING valuable, as you will lose it, even if you don't attack anyone, there are glitches to get you skulled and then you will get maced by a 10 man team.


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Yesterday, I managed to defeat Telos for the first time! This also means, I have re-comped :3! Took me 10 months with Invention, which I got 120 only a week ago!

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Finished the last story mission finally, lol. 55% with Merchant and FotS first try so that's nice. Also my crew sucks.




It gave me -just- enough chi and I already had over 100 Plate so it gave me more than enough.

Too bad I'll never ever use them, but now the collection is complete and it looks cool.


(I'm still "trying" to get a 35k Combat captain, and some other 35k one for my first ship.)

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I like the vindicta swords overrides. Look like some nasty weapons.


Actually to be fair, I'm going to repeat this here :)


Vindicta has melee armor, and drops a 2h melee weapon. There exists the 1h melee overrides.... she should drop 1h melee weapons, too. Also, Telos' zaros drop is a sword.


Helwyr has magic armor, and drops a magic weapon. Telos' seren drop should had been the staff, not the bow!!


Twins armor is ranged, but they drop 1h melee weapons?! They should had dropped ranged weapons.. Telos' zammy drop is a hybrid item (ability), but it should had been the bow.


Greg's armor is hybrid, but he drops ranged weapons. He should drop a 2h weapon that can be switched between styles. Telos' sliske items shouldn't had been the staff, it should be the multi glass reprisal ability.

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