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Mini's Skill Cape Emote Gallery *note* all pictures


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I decided one day not too long ago that i see a lot of skill cape emotes and that i should save pictures of them and one day get all of them. (note im posting this now so that if my comp gets shut off by accident i still have them, im editing them in 2 at a time)




I dont have near all of them now but i have a great start, enjoy!!!




Bonzoshot does his amazing attack emote (about a million times too, this was one of my first pics so it took me a while to get it right)






My best friend and opponent Hovmania does the amazing agility emote








Congratz hov on getting 99 strength, agility cape looks great trimmed! idk if he even knows i took this














While runecrafting i stumbled on this show, 3 people with construction capes doing emotes in synch












Oh noes whered they go????








Lost Recon and his ranging emote








Some random guy in fight pits decided he was hungry








A friend of Bonzoshots performs his defence emote, big thanks to bonzo for getting me this








Bonzoshot performing his fishing emote the day he achieved the cape (nice job man) for the record the skirt he has on is mine








Lolz erimento doing her magic emote in the kbd event








A better picutre of erimento doing mage emote








This next one is a great picture. this was at kbd event and i was turnin my screen and got a huge view of him doing this emote, took up atleast 1\4 of my screen, big thanks, i dont remember who it was unfortunatly, but a great picture








Again this was me runecrafting, someone called this guy a noob and he took out his cape and owned, a bad picture but i didnt ask him to do it, was pure luck








Me standing outside varrock in my best str cape outfit, easiest pic to take tbh








Me doing woodcutting emote, the birdy is on my axe or floating up there, which is what the words mean








This is me and some random guy at rogues den bored of cooking










Me and eatin caca doing hp emote at fight pits event








Stinky picture of mandido with her slayer cape and a pic of emote (also stinky)












Firemaky emote!!!!!! DONT PLAY WITH FIRE!!!! (but if you do let me get a pic of it)








Deadrat9 does fletching emote at woodcutting event 10\9








Better pic of Deadrat9 doing fletch emote (thats me in background if you didnt notice, i couldnt edit out my fatness so oh well)








There was a farmer..... who had a dog....... and bingo was his nam- ya know what im not a good singer so ill show you another pic instead (deadrat9)








Second part of farming emote








There is now a crack in the bank floor..... oh well i got a good pic let the bankers deal with it!!!!!!








This was a random pic in a bank, im sorry it isnt good, ill get a better one when bobby gets 99 craft








This ones a really good pic, was in rogues den and me and some friends gotbored, enjoy














This is all for now....




IF YOU loved my gallery and want to contribute PLEASE do!!!!!


it takes less than 5 minutes and youll get a great picture of yourself on my forum




IF i have your skill cape already, who cares! i can always use more because this is onlya picutre im missing parts of the emote, i try to get the favored part but hey im not perfect.




i hope you enjoyed this because it took like a freaking half hour to load all these pictures and weeks of luck to obtain them




flame me and i will tell people your head is made of cheese and have them laugh at you. (really thats what ill tell you but ill really just tell em you havent bathed in weeks)




NOTE these pics were taken from my thread on clan site, so if some parts arent clear thats because its somethin my clan would understand

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This thread is kinda spam.




Not only are 90% of thoose pictures RUBBISH




There is a thread around here somewhere from week skillcapes weres released with animations showing all the emotes.


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Haha mini my good friend from cv you havent changed Christys name to her rsn - and you copyed this off your thread on CV site lol

Quest cape got at 25th july 2007! Did grim tales and mouring end 2 to get same day!

99/99 strength got at 30th september 2007

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:^o only a collection of pictures ive taken




i do not know how to make movies and these are people ive came across during my random adventures




if you really want to see the entire emote go look it up on youtube =]




btw define rubbish pics??




this is like you people are aiming to put me down, tell me what i can do better, which parts of emote you want to see, and if you think its just horrible walk away. i get asked emotes enough times a day that i thought it might be a nice idea to post it where everybody even free players commonly are and can see them

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This defines a good skillcape emote guide




Admittadly the rc and slayer images have died since it was made and it was pre-hunter




butt the rest are all there and good


Operation Gold Sparkles :: Chompy Kills ::  Full Profound :: Champions :: Barbarian Notes :: Champions Tackle Box :: MA Rewards

Dragonkin Journals :: Ports Stories :: Elder Chronicles :: Boss Slayer :: Penance King :: Kal'gerion Titles :: Gold Statue

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as a personal suggestion i think ur gonna have an archive on the emote that u should have them as videos.... pictures shows only a small fraction of the actual emote as a whole








~Srgnt Suited~

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Dragon Drops: 1 Chain, 1 2-hander

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