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Great Exchange--Possible money sink?

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What made you think of this?






Jagex will probably not implement this.




Jagex will very probably. Every other selfrespecting MMORPG (not only WoW, but also LOTRO, LAII, EQ, etc etc) has an AH, and they all have posting fees. Simply because the AH offers you a service, and asks something in return. Very normal.




Allthough other games like LOTRO have a bit too high fee. For a very rare item worth 35 gold (thats comparable to 15M RS gp), a friend of mine needed to pay a fee of 1.75gold.






I wonder though what Jagex will do to prevent donating money through the AH. The alt puts up a bucket for 1m, the main buys it. Even when there is a large fee, from like 50k, quite a lot of people will use it, as its quite safe.


Maybe they'll forbid all trades from the same IP? But then, dynamic IPs anyone?


I wonder...



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Suggested tax formula:




(square root of payment) * 10, but not exceeding 5% of the items sale value.




That means:




For items up to 40k in value, commission is 5%:








For arrow worth 25, commission is 1.25gp per arrow


For rune worth 300 commission is 15gp per rune


For helmet worth 10k, commission is 500gp


For plate worth 40k, commission is 2k




For items above 40k, commission is square root of items price * 10. This will reflect the fact that higher-level items have lower % of fluctuated price.








For shield worth 500k, commission is 7k


For whip worth 1.6m, commission is 12k


For santa worth 20m, commission is 44k


For 3a piece worth 50m, commission is 70k


For phat worth 200m, commission is 140k




In the end, I think this rate will reflect market situation, is small enough to encourage auction use, and is large enough to not kill merchans or bargain-looking buyers/sellers. And it will also be a neat moneysink.




Also, the commission should always apply to the seller (e.g. if a seller sells an item worth 10k, the buyer will pay 10k and seller get 9500gp, as opposed to him getting 10k and buyer having to pay 10500gp)

Live free or die. First option is exhausted, so guess what remains?

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Nice idea, but I don't think Jagex will add it into the game. But who knows what Jagex will and will not do?


Myself I think that if Jagex added this into the game, it could actually help a lot with the problems that the economy in RS has.



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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OK , why would Jagex do any of this? It"s not like we are talking about real money here. :?:




Umm, economic stability?




What economic stability, this is a game. It's not Wall Street. Jagex cares about game play, not economic stability in a made up world. :wall:




Construction says otherwise :wink:

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I don't think this will work too well because people will try to sell ashes and other random junk which will clog up the marketplace.


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If they'd really want to, I think implementing a fee of something like 1% is fine, but I would be cautious about putting it much higher then that as that would discourage people from using the system and thus break down its usefulness.

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