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About me :)


Hello everyone, I'm 15 years old from N/w england, I love talking on msn, and I enjoy playing runescape :) I have played runescape for about 4 years, I have had my ups and my downs, So, I'm 15, that means I should be in year 11, but I left school due to being bullied, I now attend a work placement, and I'm private educated =)


I have a few family members and lots of friends in real life that play runescape, so I guess thats good, we talk about pking and stuff (LOL)




My goals :)


My biggest goal is to become a staker, I really enjoy staking but I'm rubbish at it, so I want to train my stats up abit, I'm working on defence at the moment, when I'm not training defence, I'm thieving, I'm 89 thiev and I hope one day I'll reach 99 :D



My goals, and lvls atm :)


89/99 thiev


72/90 def


99/99 cook :) picture here











New logo, thanks to Paul ownz :D


Best Items in my bank ATM:






Thank you, please support me, by commenting or private messaging or whatever :)



Here is the picture to prove its me :)



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90 defence goal <3:






Dude, killer stats, and *really* nice goals.


Siggy By...me! ^^

If you've got any tips on sig making, photoshop in general, or a recommendation on a good DSLR to get me started, pm me =]

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Good luck with all your goals! ::'




Check my blog if you have time? O:)


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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