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Summoning + Hunter = ???


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I hope not :shock: my hunters only 57 #-o




hunters a joke it doesnt take long to get it to 99 you could have it there way before summonings released.




Maybe if you play 10 hours a day...I have 99 hunter and i did not think it was a joke...All 99 skills are hard to acheive.




Anyways, this thread has nothing to do with the fact that you have 99 hunter or whatever the case may be.




tbh i got 99 hunter today and i laughed how easy it was and how people make it seem hard to get its half the speed of cooking basically :S




Are you [cabbage] serious, hunter is like at most 60k exp per hour while cooking goes up to 200k Exp per hour.

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That's a good point y2g, I completely agree it won't be the sole backbone of summoning, but thats just the way it sounded in the development diary.




Honestly, the only reason why it sounded that way is the simple fact that they went back and forth on what to call the skill.




Basically, the entire point of the article in which they released was them babbling on about trying to turn a basic concept into actual content. And properly naming that content into a skill.




Actual information about the core mechanics and actual content of the skill probably wont be disclosed until the second or third (maybe even forth) article. With some of which not even being disclosed at all until the day of the skills release.


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u people take stuff out of contect so much...


That's when ideas like the beasts of burden came in. It was at this point that the skill name changed to Animal Lore," says Mod Mark. The core idea being that these summoned animals would do more than just fight for you. "We were also thinking Animal Lore would be to Hunter, what Smithing is to Mining," he continues - you'd either catch and train up animals or call them out of the wild to aid you. Mod Bennett had since moved to another of our development teams, so Mod Wilson was given the task of writing a new design brief from scratch, taking this more follower-based approach.




First, we were thinking these animals would work like cat followers, in that to level the Summoning skill you'd need an animal out following you 100% of the time. "We were, however, keen on not wanting to turn the game into PetScape," says Mod Mark. Also, prototyping and testing made it obvious that creating the entire skill this way wouldn't have worked for technical reasons - every player with a pet out all the time would cause too much slowdown. It works on a small scale with cats, and might as a future Summoning update, but the completely follower-based approach was ruled out and, again, the skill was put on hold to await better technology and a fresh approach.


read that ok? and then they said this




Mod Wilson was asked to refine the brief, incorporating more from Mod Bennett's original concept, but keeping the focus on all skills, not just combat. A few more months of concepting and prototyping later and everyone was finally happy with the idea for the skill and confident that it would work technically. The design brief was signed off (September 2006) and we started gearing up for development. Paul says, "It had returned to something that allowed us to rename the skill as Summoning. Besides, Summoning is the skill our players are expecting ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Ãâ they'd be pretty disappointed if we released a 'summoning' skill but didn't call it that." Mod Mark chips in, "Plus, there'd be those still asking when we are going to release Summoning, even though we just had! (laughs)"




apparently they changed the whole animel lore thing that originally dealed with hunter and remodeled it and returned it back to summoning

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I think what they mean is using things from hunter to summon things eg.








Kebbit Claws


Red Feathers




That sorta stuff




yeah i agree with you, most likely the creatures, or at least some of the creatures you will be able to summon will come from the list of hnting animals, but you never know. Jagex may flip it up, and we all will be summoning giant rats and scorpions.




One thing i don't like to do is guess on the updates, just because there are so many possibilities that may happen or not happen.

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