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Rate the band above you


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How do you know AC/DC and not Black Sabbath!?




Well you get a " :?: /10"




Rainbow.Or Deep Purple,choose one.


so i herd u liek devarts?

If you look at me and feel offended by my 666-ism,think.I could be just as offended by your "cross".

[hide=This's why I'm hot]

The Eleventh Commandment:Thou Shalst only say "Amen,brother".

Amen, brother :lol:

Amen, brudda (referring to the 10th commandment)

amen Bruder! (german ftw)

I'm invulnerable to everything, except Lenin and Dragoonson.

That's impossible.


I love people.[/hide]

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0/10 I have no idea what that is and it sounds sick :-X






[hide=Funny Quote]

Cbow! Cbow!!!!! +120 range is orgasmic. Or maul, thats what I'd get out of those two options.

I agree with baconisbacon, Cbow looks freaking sensual

Runescape: Where strong weapons bring sexual pleasure.

The size of the e-peen0r is directly proportional to the rarity/power of one's equipment.

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3/10. Listening to them is about as fun as being locked in a cage with a pack of rabid mongeese.




Pink Floyd?


DISCLAIMER: If you rate the above band anything lower than a 9/10, the hounds will be released and your babies will be eaten. Be afraid- be very afraid indeed.


Here be dragons ^


Dragon of the Day


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