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Texas Officers Sue


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I bet the judge will laugh.




He wont be the only one.. :lol:




Why does this stuff happen in the US? When was the last time they banned tag in schools or prevented black people from shaving due to 'security orders' in France, Japan, Australia, Switzerland...

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I'm getting really ticked off at all these "omg theyre offending my race" junk. Its not going anywhere because to the computers of people across the internet who laugh at them.


tip it would pay me $500.00 to keep my clothes ON :( :lol:
But then again, you fail to realize that 101% of the people in this universe hate you. Yes, humankind's hatred against you goes beyond mathematical possibilities.
That tears it. I'm starting an animal rebellion using my mind powers. Those PETA bastards will never see it coming until the porcupines are half way up their asses.


Apparently a lot of people say it. I own.


http://linkagg.com/ Not my site, but a simple, budding site that links often unheard-of websites that are amazing for usefulness and fun.

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Many Bothans died to bring us this information.




Let us mourn.




I'm heartbroken...and I'll bet Luke is crying in the temple right now.








Thats pretty stupid...but its true. If their faces get jacked up every time they shave...its their problem. I personally would sue, and get a new job. Because if they win the case, and stay as police officers, everyones going to treat them like crap now.


Listen to the mighty words of Bloodredsword.

Tip it MGC Xbox live leader board!

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