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10 December 2007 - ALL Updates!

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So Jagex thinks RWT is over here is a news post on a RWT site:



Wow, like that wont be easy to detect...

A dramatic change in account activity in conjunction with a change in IP address... Its like flashing a neon sign in Jagex's face saying "BAN ME!"

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Oh dear....
Hey Nicrune007 , Whats Your Username?
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I didn't read through all 20 pages so I might have missed this, but HOW do you rwt? i mean , you can trade anywhere, why go into the wilderness? I don't get it...

Trading normally is easily tracked. In the wilderness, you can do a workaround, which takes one extra step to track: Buyer kills the seller, who drops 1 mill and is level 3.

ah... that makes sense... thanks :<img src=:' />

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