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~*+Us3r n4m3 5+*~100% f2p~*+Bloggeh+~*

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Hello and welcome to my blog! :thumbsup: \' Its my first Blog so its will prolly be bad :XD:




[hide=A little about me]Hello, My Name is Justice and im from Norfolk, VA. Im 17 years old and have three great loves, My Girlfriend, Sports and of course Runescape :thumbsup: I play football, baseball, basketball and i wrestle


Heres a pic of me! :XD:






[hide=Us3r N4m3 5]My account name is Us3r n4m3 5


[hide=Stat pictures][hide=Starting Stats]Here are my nooby stats as of now


UserStats.jpg[/hide][/hide][hide=goals][hide=short term]


50 attack


70 strength


60 defense


70 range


44 prayer


59 mage


All other f2p skills over 30[/hide][hide=long term]80 attack


95 strength


60 defense


95 range


60 prayer


70 mag


All other f2p skills over 50[/hide][/hide][/hide]




[hide=bank pics]Userbank.jpg[/hide]




[hide=Level Up Pics]None yet :wall: [/hide]




[hide=Donations]NOT ACCEPTED :D [/hide]




[hide=Thanks]To everyone that posts and wishes me luck :thumbsup: [/hide]




[hide=Suggestions]Again, This is my first Blog, So if you want to make any suggestions on how i could improve it let me know :mrgreen: [/hide]

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whoot firstpost <3:




nice goals mate, hope you finish them all


before i finish mine :XD:




if i can make a suggestion, add pics and some more text rather then hide's? but its still a nice post :thumbsup:


6poe6q1.gifMy 99 fishing goal blogeh <3:l 99 firemakeing :P l 87/99 fishing :-s 6poe6q1.gif

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Good luck to you. :)




[spoiler=Stats:]Updated December 22, 2011:


Total level - 1442 - 170M+ XP , Combat level - 115

Combat skills: Attack - 90, Defence - 99 (24.45m+ XP), Strength - 90, Constitution - 99 (16.42M+ XP) Ranged - 99 (13.32M+ XP), Prayer - 60, Magic - 99 (13.25M+ XP)

Non-Combat skills: Cooking - 99 (13.80M+ XP), Woodcutting - 99 (31.95M+ XP), Fishing - 90, Firemaking - 99 (24.82M+), Crafting - 90, Smithing - 90, Mining - 85, Runecrafting - 60, Dungeoneering - 85


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