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With lots of smaller bands circumventing the record labels and publishing their own albums online, I thought I'd create a topic for people to post links to them and help spread the music. This thread is for full albums that can be downloaded legally, so please, no samples, no single songs, no FTP/torrent/etc. sites that offer copyrighted material.




Anyway, here we go:




T3chnophob1a - Albedo Level: 0%


http://www.t3chnophob1a.com/dloads.php (scroll down to the bottom of the page)




Some industrial dance music that I first heard in a local club. It's really not for everybody, but if you're into the whole cybergoth thing you should definitely check this one out.




Evilion - Vanity






A Finnish metal band with two female vocalists, featuring both classical and rock vocals that create a very unique combination backed up with the occasional harsh male vocals.

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I found some material on my favorite guitarist, John Frusciante. He posted some of the demos and one of his albums totally acoustic.






They actually sound pretty good if you understand where he's coming from.




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The Evilion album is great, I still listen to that



Mercifull <3 Suzi

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