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How Was 2007 For You?


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good things


finished school


started college




bad things


didnt do aswell as i hoped in GCSES due to problems near the end of school


the college course im doing is absolute [cabbage], hopefully soon i manage to decide what to do next year instead of doing the higher version of the course im doing now




hoping to decide what to do next year soon, and to hopefully get onto the right college course or w/e for what i decide to do

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Great start to my year, my grandma died on my birthday :(. The other one got a stroke 2 days later had to be put in a hospice. But nothing too sinister after that, went to Hong Kong, made up with my ex, so it's all good now.



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Catching my record of 6 Interceptions this season in football.


Running a spectacular punt return for a touchdown


Getting the cash to buy a 360


Going to the college I want next fall.






Dad had to have spnal cord surgery (Recovered now.)


Grades not as good as I'd like em'


Got into a fight at school. Ended with me getting suspended for 2 days. :(

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2007 has been fun, I got excellent grades on the national exams, my grandparents are pretty healthy except for a little hip fracture, I get along great with my friends, overall it's been a great year for me.

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Meh, I'll put mine in the good/bad thing like lots of other people have =P.








Managed to get my 400 under 60 seconds.




Getting good grades so far in 8th grade.




O.K. grades during 7th grade (note: bad grade for me is a B. Yes I know


I'm an over-achiever >.>, but its extremely easy to get good grades if I try).




Managed not to have a 1 1/2 month long cough :lol: .




I'm starting to run again =].








Injuries during track season/cross country.




My uncle died unexpectedly.




Other people I know died (these are older people that died of old age, but still).




Getting headaches a looot more (I cannot go for more than 2 days without getting one).




Starting to get farther away from my friends because of these headaches. These headaches actually make me a physical introvert. By 2:00 p.m. (near last period of school), my usual headaches start up and I try not to talk to people (afraid I might snap at them o.O). I also usually opt out of after school things with my friends because of this too.






So the year averaged out into... and average year.

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It sucked.




Dragging through college, same boring job all year.




But there is good news!




[hide]I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico! Actually, i didn't switch to geico... well then it just sucked[/hide]



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when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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Finished school, picking up my grades in the process


Matured a lot, emotionally and mentally


Met some great new people whom I see myself being friends with for a long time


Went to something like nine concerts which is a record for me


An enjoyable (for the most part) relationship


Got back into some of my old interests - wrestling, soccer


Learnt some self-discipline - began exercising, keeping a journal, eating better (slightly)


Got into some new, awesome music


Began seriously getting into films


Developed a really good relationship with my brother


Decided what I want to do with my life


Sort of started a band


Wrote some good things


Became more self-confident/realistic/developed a better outlook on life




On the downside ...




A few really good friendships deteriorated


Lost my old man's old man (though he had a damn good life - 93 years)


Bitter end to the aforementioned relationship




That's probably about it. I suppose it's been a fairly rockin' year.

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Not trying to be a downer. :( But, 2007 was a pretty bad year for me. My grandfather died, several beloved pets died, my boyfriend's father died, fights with my parents over college are becoming more and more frequent, not to mention I've been stressing over my senior year.




The good things about this year though were the memories I've shared with my friends, World of Warcraft, and my boyfriend. ^_^ I also feel like I've matured a lot and I'm looking forward to my future. I graduate next year, and I hope that 2008 is a lot better for me than 2007 has been.

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Good Things:


MY brother got married


I got to see my family


I played a hell of a football season


My first quarter report card


I am building up a small relationship with an old friend


I scored a two point conversion at a football game


I made my grandfather very proud of me


I have matured a lot mentally


I have gotten a nice body build :D


I've learned to respect most people with higher authority


San Diego Chargers kick [wagon]! :D


I had a few good things to post :D






Bad Things:


Lost my grandfather


Having to see my family cry


Hearing that my sister slacks off in school




Yeah, I had an alright year.

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It hasn't been a bad year I don't think, I feel a bit disappointed it has flown by so quickly though. I had a great family holiday this year and school has been quite good, some things I'm hoping to improve in '08 though. :)

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^Same, I don't really know if I could call this year "good" or "bad."




Let's see...




First Girlfriend (ended up only going 3 weeks, =/)


Started RS :D


Good Grades I guess you could say...


Got all-time "after-school" points record in a single game of basketball with 34. =)


Decided to try out Cross Country, let me tell you something, OWNS!


Got a sweet iPod Nano/a couple hundred songs


Sort of got a web show started with some buddies.


Played on 4 teams of basketball this year (I play year-round)


Went to my first actual basketball summer camp


Made some new friends


Fixed up an argument me and my old buddy had a couple years ago




Some more good things, I forget them though




Bad stuff, heh, I guess I don't really know. ::'



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well i had a good summer, went to the beach,worked, and now im having a lousy school year but over all its been pretty good :)


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Well, ahem, let's see. . .






- Finished off first year of high school on a high note


- Went on some awesome trips over the summer (sailing in the Florida Keys FTW)


- Started off good sophomore year


- Got my first car, '77 VW Bug convertable 8-)


- Scored in the 97th percentile on the PSAT






Can't think of anything from more than a month ago right now because this week has been the absolute worst ever. I've been loaded with schoolwork, suffered a few minor injuries, seen my brother's mental and social condition deteriorate to the point of seriously trying to hurt me, and gotten so frikkin pissed at the way my dad treats me that I want to follow my brother's example.




Eh, an ok year. I'm in a pretty bad mood right now as a result of the last week, so that's probably overshadowing the rest of my memories.


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First ever live WWE event :D


Managed to become friends with girl I liked


Results were'nt that bad.


Made it to 2nd best class in school






None of my friends made it to 2nd best class, so Im lonely -.-








Break the Walls down!

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some good, mostly bad:






i got my first car - 97' Exel


i got into some classes i wanted






My Ex left me for a guy double the age and gave birth to his child yesterday (long story)


my depression grew more


last single guy out of all friends ('spose this is all relationship wise)


got horrible grades


i have no job nor' money in my personal account


so to a ratio of 1:3 id say= Lame year




but i'm going to make sure EVERYTHING works next' (including relationship porblems)


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a few things changed...




-getting more As




-not playing rs 24\7. :P (best part)




-im growing up, getting friends, talking to more people.




-got a new puppy.




-went from around 155 to 175+ pounds




-got two new TVs

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mhmmm let me see




i too got my first GF :D but broke up after 2 months


got into serious girl playing, im serious, i have about 5 girls around me


right now i could have as my girlfriend


did the best trip of my life, interrailing in europe with 2 friend <3


mhmmm senior year, lots of stress


made a great deal of new friends




im more interested in fitness/bodybuilding than ever


spent a lot of money on fashion designer clothes.. :D

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It was good at the start, but it got suckier as it went along. I've got my mock exams on January, and there's coursework. And more coursework. I think I'm just tired now, but at least school's finished for christmas.

~ W ~



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-Going out with a great girl. 9 months so far.




-Got allright grades




-Got into the 72nd percentile in the PSATS(8th grade so its ok i guess)




-Finnaly grew my hair long enough for the "Emo Fringe"




and i can't think of many bad things really.. wierd..


Thanks to all those who have messaged me concerning a revamp of my Range-Slayer guide. Because of you all I will start rewriting it asap.[/color]


Formerly RobinHoodie.

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2007 was full of changes to me, it seems I've finally found out what I wanted to do and I got a huge crush.


Instead of just living up to the expectations I did what I found the best, even got myself a punk-rock outfit for this prom (yes, it has a tie and is normal at a prom) and I'm happy to say that I'm proud of myself.




(Woot! most positive year in my life)



..Just my luck..

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