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Dymed's Blog: Death of an RSC pure! 70 prayer at last!

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dymed, ill teach you barrows :D




re-add me, unless you never took me off. i re-added you too :)


Socc | 99 Magic | 95/99 Range | 99 Defence | 99 Hitpoints | 96/99 Summoning |Join SODB for some monster Slayin! |

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That was a fun read (your old topic + this one) and congrats on 70 pray so quickly!




I am currently gettin kind of bored of RS but when I am on I'll probably add you :) Btw, when did you start RS? I started in around January 2002 or December 2001 (forget, lol) although NONE of my stats show, except 85 mining on one of my mains. I pretty much just pked the whole time I played in classic.




But, enough about me, gl with your goals \'




And btw, you might want to put all your updates on your very first post so we don't have to search around and stuff :P



[Admin Edit: Attempting to publicly humiliate a user in your signature is inappropriate]


Quit Runescape... Dec 2001 - Jan 2008 on and off... mostly off.

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Where have you been Dymed? I miss you :(


1 year after the last post, a little late don't you think?


gwd drops:


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I figured it would take a year before I became concerned enough to post.

Don't play with fire!




18,200th to 99 Defence!

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