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Trading Update-Will it ruin barrows?


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i got a burning question at the moment....




since i invested into veracs for barrows to help melee i put in a lot of money into barrows since armor prices r goin back up... good time to start it again




my question is on your own opinion, do u think the armor/set prices will drop or rise?






Thanks in advance




~Srgnt Suited~

Barrows Drops: Karils-2 coifs, 1 top, 1 skirt, 1 xbow. Ahrims-1 staff. Torags-1 platebody, 1 legs, 1 helm. Dharoks-1 platebody, 1 helm.


Dragon Drops: 1 Chain, 1 2-hander

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People are just uninformed and freaking out because of the update. Rumours have been started, and so a lot of items have dropped in price simply due to fear. I think it's silly.


But yes, Barrows will still be profitable. And fun! :P

catch it now so you can like it before it went so mainstream

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