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Kyle's Avatar Shop!


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I am giving away free avatar's like this:






To get one, just fill out this form:












Anything Else?:




Note: All avatar's will be size 100x100.


Thanks for looking!

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Color: Purpleish


Main-Text: Sara Manger


Sub-Text: Going for 99 Cooking!


Item: raw shark


Anything Else?: thanks!


- 60,023rd to 99 Firemaking on April 29th, 2012 -- 15,152nd to 99 agility on August 21st, 2011 -
- 30,569th to 99 Prayer on June 26th, 2011 -- 22,646th to 99 Hunter on Jan 9th, 2011 -
1993 Miata; sold - 2001 E46 330i; "totaled" - 2001 E46 325iT; Bags and wheels ;)

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Wow! Can I have one?




Color: A nice dark muddy-ish brown


Main-Text: JamieMcMe


Sub-Text: Loves to Range


Item: Dark Bow


Anything Else?: Can you remember the name of that image cycler people use, when you refresh the page and ya seee a new one?


Sig by me :D

1337 total as of 3/2/08 at 14 : 52 GMT. Recieved 1338 total 32 minutes later

Hawt Pixel avvy by Jopie

Barrow drops: (2) - Verac's Brassard, Ahrim's Hood

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Color: Blue


Main-Text: huddybuddy


Sub-Text: Mage for Life


Item: anything thats mage..a spell..an item...anything


Anything Else?: Thank you :)

How about you stop having a whine about RuneScape and buy some of my steel nails for 28gp ea in the grand exchange, maybe some oak planks, and a hammer, build a bridge and get over it?
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Color: white-silver


Main-Text: Linkzelda30


Sub-Text: If it made sense, what fun would that be?


Item: dragon boots


Anything Else?: you can shrink subtext if you have to.



[hide=Siggy credits]The Awesome, Epic, Amazing, S3xah A-10 Sig By Unolexi! I wub u Uno!

InsanityV2 Did the Franz Ferdinand Sig.

Killerwatt is responsible for the Arctic Monkeys sig.

Pat_61 did the B-2 sig and the raptor sig.[/hide]

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Color: A dark green


Main-Text: Hanksed


Sub-Text: Soon to be master slayer


Item: Armadyl gs? If not, a dfs or a slayer mask


Anything Else: Well, if you could, i would like an image cycler so all 3 of those items will appear. <3: Thanks! =D>

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