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I'm sure all of us have played the classic strategy game, winner of countless gaming award and conquer of our hearts - Heroes of Might and Magic III. Even though it was made all the way back in 1998 it has an amazing game play, still one of the best ones out there, even now! Sure the graphics aren't as exciting or as detailed as World of Warcraft or Oblivion but it's a heck of a game.




Please feel free to discuss, argue, rant, love/hate/fate, post reviews/ screen shots or just whatever!




[hide=Screenshots]Post yours![/hide]

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The first time I play that game I got sick, so could stay home from school. Because of that cold I got many hours into it.




Just last year I took it out again and started playing, I think I completed the first three campaigns then grew bored of it. I find it gets quite repetitive after a while and to often all of your hard work would not be carried onto the next map.




The best tactic I have found is to build a army ASAP and rush the enemy. On most maps, the enemy also starts with few soldiers. Often it is possible to win a map in the first few months, if you wait to build a strong army first it would take several hours.

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