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Project Onyx | Issue 5, Jan. 12th | "Is it Easter already?"

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Issue 5, Volume 1 | January 10th, 2008




Click here to visit the Project Onyx Public site and forums! Click here to visit the enhanced IRC client for OnyxIRC!




In this issue, you'll find a report on the hidden easter eggs, new chapters on all of the stories, reports on the CES 2008, and even a new Halo 3 comic series :o!












'Is it Easter already?' by Skill Caster


In my personal opinion, Summoning has already been the coolest


skills ever released, even before release, because Jagex incorporated


so many hidden easter eggs.




The first, and most popular, is the Pet Shop. While the door could


not be opened or closed, and the squares inside had no 'Walk to' option; users could still peek at some of the interesting merchandise


by running the game on low detail and either being on the city wall


walkway, or by being on the second floor of the mage guild. A little


while after it was snuck into the game, it was updated so that every


few minutes, an old lady, the store owner, would walk out of the building


with a pet bulldog by her side. Once the 4th Development Diary was


released, a full view of the pet shop was revealed.




Also inside was an egg incubator, which now explains the red, green, and blue eggs you can get from nests in woodcutting.




Speaking of eggs, Jagex had also slyly released 3 new eggs, a raven's egg (obtained by nests), and then two others: penguin and vulture, that were obtained from the creatures themselves.




Many other unconfirmed sightings of strange farming creatures and orange


dots on the mini-maps were 'found', but we won't go into them as we


aren't exactly sure they are legit.




The last thing, and, most amazing, we have seen so far is the Karamthulhu.


Despite the fact summoning isn't out, this creature/familiar can be picked up as a drop. Upon death, if you have 3 items over it, it will not just drop on the


ground, but instead...be summoned, for a small matter of time.


Jagex did state that this was not an intentional leak (via the RSOF),


and now when you attempt to 'summon' it, you will get the following:




Sorry, you'll have to wait a little longer for one of those!




Oh dear, you are dead!




What else will summoning behold for us? We'll just have to find out. I'm Skill Caster, Project Onyx News. [insert |low-tone|, |high-tone|, |medium tone| here]










Chapter 5: The Meeting






Santran stepped through and found himself in a beautiful circular room. All of the walls were made of sapphires, and the door was made of deep green emeralds. There was also a table and chairs, made of rubies. On those chairs sat two other people. Santran recognized them immediately. There was the Ranald, the Minister of Trade, and Ranaldas, the Minister of Combat. Along with Santran, who was the Minister of Intelligence, they made up the Council of the RTG.




ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅWell look who finally decided to show upÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ


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love this. always a good read =D>

My private chat is always ON.

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6 years. 1 dragon CS drop and some barrows, bad luck?


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Hey great issue Skill :D


Sorry about my absense, i've been sick and today my internet took a dump :( But now I'm back and ready to continue working :D


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