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Player count gone down?

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My beliefs is that its a 3:2:1 ratio, 3 pkers, 2 regular 1 bot. For every 3 pkers that quit 2 regular player did and 1 bot was removed.

I really dont think there were over 10k bots just by the areas they liked to use. Oversaturation would lead to a redundency. I also think its about 60k people that have quit/removed, On average when I look its about 60k lower about evey time I look then it used to before the updates.

I personally quit because of trade restictions they have placed on me. I also know several people that pked most all the time that quit and they also had several members and non members pures.

why would auoters not over saturate the game?its not like a dozen people did it, hundreds of asians were being supported by autoing.

why would they care? heres an example, lets say im a real chinese guy working in a PC sweat shop... i use an autoing program to run multiple accounts at once which as i believe is highly likely.

(we will exclude a training to willows bot, and so on)

WC, 1 cutting willows, 1 cutting magics 1 cutting yews

mining, 1 mining iron, 1 P ess

fish 1 fishing lobsters 1 fishing sharks

flax 1 picking, 1 spinning.

dragon killers, 1 green , maybe 1 @ blue.

runecrafters maybe 1 doing natures.

thats 10 autoers for every single sweatshop worker, now 1k sweat shop workers all around china/korea or just asia in general makes for 10k bots. and bots dont even have to conform to human patterns of, bodily functions. like sleep/eat/restroom.

if they all did thise, 1 guy is simply making a variation so that his spots are not over run, he however cannot control other autoers comming to those spots. and some are not even effected by numbers of autoers. P ess doesnt matter how many are their, fishing doesnt really matter, flax is kind of in well supply, spinning bow strings doesnt matter....

also, since jagex would state that the banned 8k autoers one week and 10k some other week. and finally admitted that they banning 20k autoers weekly was simply not news worthy. it must mean their was ALOT of autoers.

Just becuase they said they banned them dosent mean that they were always online, Bots like every other account would be used as needed. Once you have 100k yew logs you dont need anymore till you are atleast down to 30k in which case u turn the bots back on and start collecting agian. Bans dosent = acctivity,

I also would say that I honestly dont think a farmer would have more then 5 bots going at a time. It would take a very fast computer to do that. Have you ever multied? I tired it once as an experiment, I had 5 or my pures online at once, My computer and Java didnt like it much. Its to hard on both the system and the java application.\

If you have 10 bots on 1 tree let say, the ammount of logs receieved from that tree will be far fewer the more bots you have on it. Thats one reason why you wouldnt see 50 bots on a tree ussually the most was around 5. Any more then that and it becomes redundant and the tree will produce less logs.

Getting back to the activity issue, There were far more Bots that were not active then were active, Im saying that at any one time there was no more then 10k active and My guess is there were less. I personnally have around 100 accounts, Out of them 60 I never really used much, 30 of them pures of all kinds for pking and learning, and the other 10 for sellective tasks, mostly my great pure that owned and my main.

Only 1 of my 100 was on at a time, even tho I had 100 dosent mean my count would be any higher.

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    Dragon Slayer

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If you have 10 bots on 1 tree let say, the ammount of logs receieved from that tree will be far fewer the more bots you have on it. Thats one reason why you wouldnt see 50 bots on a tree ussually the most was around 5. Any more then that and it becomes redundant and the tree will produce less logs.

well, the way your saying this would imply that they are using a few bots on 1 tree or area

my point was, to diversify. 1 of yours at this tree the others being separate. which again, if that way, they have no way of controlled the # of bots on a tree.

additionally, 5 bots on 1 tree? ive seen maybe 20 or more. its not that the tree produces less logs, its that the tree renders less logs per person.

also, why would you stop autoing? when i was doing some skilling i would watch autoers daily trade main accounts or products from 1 to the next, raw fish to 1 account to cook and sell. flax to spin and logs to w/e and so on.

it doesnt make sense to stop not in the least. more accounts could be used for selling. which would not look suspicious in the least other then a few hundred/thousand logs here and their.

anyway, what does it matter now? they are gone. pkers/merchants/bots. the reduction happened. really does not effect me, so i like it.

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    Unicorn Horn

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these are the finals weeks for me...and probably for many other people as well...I hate finals...
I don't like fun, it upsets me.-- Marilyn Manson

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I've noticed that the low numbered worlds(excluding 6) are not full most of the time like they used to be. Also, all of the major trading hubs have smaller gatherings. World 2 fally park is longer completely blotted out by white dots, for example.

Barrows: 9~2 V Brass,V Flail,2 Dh Plate,V Helm,V Skirt,T Legs,Malevolent Shield DKing: 48~6 W Ring,13 A Ring,8 M Staff,9 S Ring,7 B Ring,3 Seercull
Dragon Drops: 405~46 Med,26 Axe,3 Chain,8 Legs,9 Spear,2 D2h,8 L Half,49 Boots,2 Skirt,2 DDs,9 Lump,8 Claws,56 Dagger,13 Visage,74 Mace,4 Scimitar,2 Hasta,Baxe,51 Long,29 Royal,2 Kite,Ward,Plate,Staff,Hammer
GWD: 151~4 S Staff,72 Shard,9 B Tass,13 B Plate,5 B Boots,6 A Plate,11 S Sword,8 A Hilt,3 A Skirt,9 A Helm,S Hilt,3 B Hilt,B Glove,2 A Buckler,Z Ward,Z Garb,Z Boots,B shield

Corp: 3~Elysian,2 Sp Sh Nex: 3~Torva Legs,Cere,P cowl + GWD2: 6~2 Glaive,Wand,2 Crest,Blade Araxyte: 5~Web,3 Pheromone,Fang + Raids: 4~3 Codex,P Boots 

Etc: 57~3 Sceptre,B Mask,16 Whip,2 Focus Sight,5 D Bow,6 SOL,Ragefire,2 Steadfast,Arma Staff,4 Rider Armor,4 Vine,2 Razorback,2 A Wand,Abby Orb,Blood Shard,5 Hydrix,Gland


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    Demon Vanquisher

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Yep it went down :wink:
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Th new updates angered some players, and have been said in many posts etc., and I guess they will either stay off until its fix'd or until they come to their senses.
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