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Wolf Whistle *Pics!*


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Difficulty: Easy




Start: Speak to Pikkupstix in Taverly








Items: 2 Wolf Bones


Skills: None


Quests: None




NPC: Pikkupstix








[hide=Hide/Unhide]1. Start the quest by speaking to Pikkupstix located in Taverly. He will tell you about a Rabbit monster wrecking his house upstairs.








2. Climb upstairs to find the monster, when the cutscene is over talk to Pikkupstix again. He will tell you that you need 2 Wolf Bones.




3. Head to White Wolf Mountain and head up, on the way you will see a dead body. Search it for your bones.








4. Go back to Pikkupstix and give him the bones, he will give you some items and a key, use the key on the trapdoor in the house and head downstairs.




5. First infuse the items on the Obelisk, then transform you pouch into a Howl Scroll. Go back upstairs and talk to Pikkupstix again, he will tell you to go get rid of the rabbit.








6. Go upstairs and summon your Spirit Wolf, attack the rabbit and go back downstairs, talk to Pikkupstix and finish your quest.[/hide]








1 Quest Point


Ability to use Summoning


9 Howl Scrolls


275 Gold Charms


276 Summoning Exp




Tips: Get your wolf bones before the quest to save time.

http://s9.invisionfree.com/pec <--Best clan ever.


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