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Summoning and my hour of fame.

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Hate to admit it, but reporter was right :lol: It belongs to another subsection




But big congrats on being (very likely) the first person ever to have 30 summoning, and certainly the first ever to be ranked there.




Nice that a tip.it'er got the honor, hehe.

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wow gratz. i was one the people who messaged you. i thought you were antisocial or something cuz u didnt respond.


Didnt realize you had 1000s of pms..

100% F2P

85 Mining achieved on Dec 4, 2007

85 Smithing achieved on May 28, 2009


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Thousands of people is such an exaggeration lol but nice for being the first person ever ranked in that skill.




Trust me, no it's not. I got atleast one pm per second, ATLEAST. This went on for over an hour. That's over 3600 seconds. I have it all on video if you want me to upload a 1.5Gig file...

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Technically speaking, you were the first person to log out with 30 Summoning. It's entirely possible that someone else hit 30 but kept leveling for another couple of hours.




Either way, awesome job ... if the above did happen, you're the smarter one!!

WARNING: Prone to ramble ... but you probably already know that!


1% F2P : 99% RL

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Nice, you famous in an online video game... Does this get you any higher in life at all? I don't think so.




go rot in hell you ignorant jackass.






I saw your name there..you were alone for quite awhile, lol. Good job, and I hope you got pics.


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Wow, personally i havnt tried it and i hate Rs right now.


Altho i think its awsome that you mannaged to do that, I was certain Zezima or one of the high skillers would of had 50 or so within the first few hours of it being released, but no, I saw one person Dark Dude 98.






I 1


herblore 99 irl

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Nice, you famous in an online video game... Does this get you any higher in life at all? I don't think so.


Jelous much?




Good job 10/10...the first ever person on the highscores for summoning =D> :thumbsup: ::' :mrgreen: :lol:

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Yip indeed, I messaged you ingame about this as im sure countless others did. (hence the lack of reply :XD: )




Seriously nice work there, glad you had some screenies, because I just noticed that the one I have is not really the best. Hell, but it works.




I figured that this might become a thread or that you might even get the "no pic, no proof lines"




Ya, through your pics into your first post though :-# :wink:




[hide=Another pic to use if you want]08jan15143822us6.png[/hide]

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Whip Drops: (42!!!) Dragon Drops: (90+!!!!!) 2 D CHAINS!, 3 D Axe, 8 D meds, 7 left halfs, 7 D legs, 6 skirts, 8 Spears[/hide]

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Geez, I can't switch my private to on yet, still receieve a lot of messages :(




I'll not stop training it, however I'll be getting it while doing slayer.




A part of me wished I had continued training, think I could have got ~32-33 before the next person was on the highscores and then got 40 last night.




Now I'm just training slayer waiting for a couple of mods to come on, one to shout at for telling me at one point I was miles behind :notalk: and another just because I want to see his reaction to me being first, he said he was watching to see who'd be first!

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That is very nice, who would have thought a tip.it mod in traning would be the frist the be ranked in summing. Great job =D>


10/10, keep up the good work.




(I wont be able to do summing till friday <.<)




Albel doesn't say anything anymore, just comes in, leaves an arrow and vanishes into the night :(Probably
practising some euphonium

You nearly had me fooled, you fooler you


9/10. To me, always associate Albel with musical stuff in OT.

Everyone with a goatee and glasses is Albel now.

lmfao albel m8 wat r u doin, hi though.



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No other way to say it!

It isn't in the castle, It isn't in the mist, It's a calling of the waters, As they break to show, The new Black Death, With reactors aglow, Do you think your security, Can keep you in purity, You will not shake us off above or below

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Scottish fiction

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