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RS Players from US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands!

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Read before you post


As some of you may know, I tried this before, and stopped updating because it got frustrating. So here are some 'rules' for this time around. Use the state you currently live in BTW






Clearly State your RUNESCAPE NAME, and the FULL NAME of your state. If you don't, your post will be ignored.




[hide=Good Example]Spooferfish - South Dakota




*other comments here*[/hide]


[hide=Bad Example]Hey put my name down from SD! lololu from same state as me blah blah[/hide]






Unlimited people from each state now.





Also, if someone wants to set up a format for other countries similar to what I have, feel free to do so, and pm me the codes for it, and we will add that country too.


Did you read everything up to this point?


List of Countries being used right now: United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands.






Did you read everything up to this point?




Seriously, if you didn't answer yes to the last question you should do some reading.
















I hope you read it by now.




United States of America: 48/50




[hide=AL - Alabama]Dax Jacks | Lebst | Ltangel | Zaybex[/hide]


[hide=AK - Alaska]Snake6man | Matt91493 | skiier5[/hide]


[hide=AZ - Arizona]Rahila[/hide]


[hide=AR - Arkansas]Rune_User_91 | Serephurus[/hide]


[hide=CA - California]Pasta Cheif | Roses Kitsym | Foodmanfood1 | abyssal_whip | Xsakuraxx | Armyman19 | Xiaogege | Wizzkid785 | Rskellington | Higibob456 | Phixcire | Darkman X 99 | Agent Earl[/hide]


[hide=CO - Colorado]Death232 | The 1 U Luv[/hide]


[hide=CT - Connecticut]Eoncommander | Dragon100177[/hide]


[hide=DE - Delaware]Matau82[/hide]


[hide=FL - Florida]Sly Wizard | Surfbum0214 | Animegrl47 | Urlocalidiot | Hanksed | Zierro | No 99 Melee[/hide]


[hide=GA - Georgia]Ugafan 2009 | x n00blet x[/hide]


[hide=HI - Hawaii]n_odie[/hide]


[hide=ID - Idaho]T_R_S_Blader[/hide]


[hide=IL - Illinois]xvillexvalox | Godofjoy | sirhappy2002 | Visor272 | Ready 2 ryde | Pinkbullet3 | Ratchet573 | Supernova190[/hide]


[hide=IN - Indiana]Peterpan538 | Benoit4WHC | Biggieg333 | sugarbear260 | Lowc15[/hide]


[hide=IA - Iowa]Mucky Pup | Mr bob368[/hide]


[hide=KS - Kansas]Xhitpointzx | Zazacon | 2much rune | Rocker 22[/hide]


[hide=KY - Kentucky]socc masta[/hide]


[hide=LA - Louisiana]Mazarat Tan | Aquashock | snowball997[/hide]


[hide=ME - Maine]Alpha Koldes | Oylimpiana | silo37 | Jmclark911 | Halo2proman | dave0293[/hide]


[hide=MD - Maryland]anim7 | fishhhy | Scorpion31r5 | Lugia0013 | Bobbymorse[/hide]


[hide=MA - Massachusetts]Knung | Dippymister | Astaroth51 | Slay Revenge | Nsalty91 | Homer S 777 | Jasmine Tobb | Redstarmafia[/hide]


[hide=MI - Michigan]Thekiller308 | Pointeiscool | Lord Malace1 | deadlyaznboy | Zantareous | Max_Miller20 | Hawk0078 | QueenValerie | Studio1417[/hide]


[hide=MN - Minnesota]Lemeja123 | swordwarior | anarchyxarmy | Fluffyzoe64 | Opethorchid0 | me me 79 | Winner5555[/hide]


[hide=MS - Mississippi]grsshppr1964[/hide]


[hide=MO - Missouri]777thzapster | redhaloguy1 | NJE03 | Stopspe | Slyfox16 | Life mage12 | Flamin0sword | Ixindor[/hide]


[hide=MT - Montana]Waiting[/hide]


[hide=NE - Nebraska]yoda9931[/hide]


[hide=NV - Nevada]Myself117 | 3rkid[/hide]


[hide=NH - New Hampshire]Fedorca99[/hide]


[hide=NJ - New Jersey]Nighthawk890 | p5hngmeawy19 | Kaisershami | yomyth105 | abc__1230 | d _ _ _ _ u _ _ _ _ x |[/hide]


[hide=NM - New Mexico]Galindito | Ctim2[/hide]


[hide=NY - New York]Electrone0 | xlippsx | Soulattacker | Blaze 9555 | Drizzt 1990 | Haroman13 | 123 X Pac | Lady Cai | Baconxtral[/hide]


[hide=NC - North Carolina]Lunar_Drifter | Leedragon8 | Foulshot | Aneron | Nyyankees588 | Crackhead970 | No Thrill[/hide]


[hide=ND - North Dakota]Trumie 44[/hide]


[hide=OH - Ohio]Casthewiz | chuwey | Torlen | JediGrant | HMTourniquet | Dadieseldude[/hide]


[hide=OK - Oklahoma]Jello Hunter | Skillnooblet[/hide]


[hide=OR - Oregon]Lady Coriaso[/hide]


[hide=PA - Pennsylvania]Wkw427 | Lordjake3 | Ajk822 | brianw789 | Flippi273 | kago ai | Meza Clay81 | Shira | noble aloof[/hide]


[hide=RI - Rhode Island]Benar[/hide]


[hide=SC - South Carolina]Druminator17[/hide]


[hide=SD - South Dakota]Spooferfish | Irish Geek | syal antilli | Echocut[/hide]


[hide=TN - Tennessee]Mlll555 | Dbd_Elite | Dracoman107 | A Great Monk | Jusaplaya[/hide]


[hide=TX - Texas]Lalala7324 | Ravenkana | Purezammy84 | Snick5 | ice and spec | Ike Ftw | Hugoandleppy[/hide]


[hide=UT - Utah]Bmciff[/hide]


[hide=VT - Vermont]Evil Wisp[/hide]


[hide=VA - Virginia]Liuzerozliu | Alansson | 49blackhawk3 | Rampage30 | mootix11[/hide]


[hide=WA - Washington]Bac Talan | Footashi1 | Everkenezer[/hide]


[hide=WV - West Virginia]Haseo_8492ed | Cleanleper[/hide]


[hide=WI - Wisconsin]brainiac68 | Wallettheif | Evil Ruler7 | Etesxbleus | Craggyp | G Unit Fan10 | Bobby1167[/hide]


[hide=WY - Wyoming]Waiting[/hide]




Canada 7/13


[hide=Prince Edward Island (PEI)][/hide]


[hide=Nova Scotia]Skillz Ftw | Randox | Mr Drunko[/hide]


[hide=New Brunswick][/hide]


[hide=Newfoundland and Labrador][/hide]


[hide=Quebec]Pope Skills | jsboutin2 | deathdrow666 | Sycko_Sypher[/hide]


[hide=Ontario]Toast647 | No name 0985 | Killerred005 | wildy58 | Sxq Power | Thrash Mask | Decebal | Lielac | X_Goldor_X | Cooldog08[/hide]


[hide=Manitoba]Purepure4774 | Juicy_Ju1ce[/hide]




[hide=Alberta]wackoredhead | Shivers21[/hide]


[hide=British Columbia (BC)]Who Le Ow | I Savtoz I | Cabbage Boii | Larinro[/hide]




[hide=Northwest Territories][/hide]






Australia 5/8




[hide=ACT - Australian Capital Territory][/hide]


[hide=NSW - New South Wales]Anonymous184 | F0rerunn3r | patson138 | Dayking321[/hide]


[hide=NT - Northern Territory][/hide]


[hide=QLD - Queensland]Dume dude 56[/hide]


[hide=SA - South Australia][/hide]


[hide=TAS - Tasmania]Bad_Babe58[/hide]


[hide=VIC - Victoria]Alex D T | Mime Senior[/hide]


[hide=WA - Western Australia]be my frend0[/hide]




The Netherlands 6/12




[hide=Zuid-Holland]Dragon312 | Dj Slayer0[/hide]








[hide=Groningen]Bauke | Dutch Please[/hide]












[hide=Overijssel]Osiris 19993[/hide]




Thanks to: Anonymouse, Dragon312






If someone has a better way of organizing this, let me know, I'm open to suggestions about format, and about anything else.


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Proud to say Cal! :D




Pasta Cheif - California

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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Alpha Koldes - Maine



Man, I really do love Runescape, and I'm sure if it was a real person I would of asked it to marry me by now.

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Bac Talan, from Washington.

I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
Pics or it didn't happen.
I hate my generation.

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brainiac68 - wisconsin

<the49ronin> O_o methinks ard is acting mighty high and pretty -.-

<Ard_Choille> I am pretty

<Ard_Choille> fo shizzle

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Lemeja123 - Minnesota




You're not too far from me spoof :D


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Zomg wtfbbq its teh states!!!111!!!11




Jking, Jking,




Casthewiz: Oh, Ohio

No witty signatures for me :(

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Thekiller308 -- Michigan

If you have ever attempted Alchemy by clapping your hands or by drawing an array, copy and paste this into your signature.



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Electrone0 - New York



Winged Fish on a RWT complaint-

There's four complaints on the whole site, one from a mother who was convinced by her son that the RWTers she was buying him items from were from Jagex (and then got scammed and is taking it out on Jagex), two people complaining about having their accounts taken away, and one ranting on the trade restrictions and wilderness removal.


Now just change the background color and page layout, and you have the RSoF

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Wkw427 - Pennsylvania



Runescape player since January 2005
Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum


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anim7 - Maryland

100% F2P

85 Mining achieved on Dec 4, 2007

85 Smithing achieved on May 28, 2009


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Lordjake3 - Pennsylvania








Lemeja123, I actually lived in MN for a couple years, and go back to visit sometimes :P


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Liuzerozliu -- Virginia


Ever wanted to find street prices of RS items? Check out the SPOLI Index


Nex Drops: Pernix Cowl, Pernix Chaps, Torva Helm, Torva Platebody, Zaryte Bow, Pernix Chaps, Virtus Robe Legs, Virtus Robe Top, Torva Platelegs, Zaryte Bow, Pernix Chaps, Virtus Robe Legs, Zaryte Bow, Virtus Mask, Torva Legs, Virtus Robe Legs, Virtus Robe Top, Virtus Robe Top, Zaryte Bow, Virtus Robe Legs, Virtus Robe Top, Virtus Robe Top, Torva Platelegs, Zaryte Bow, Pernix Body, Torva Platelegs, Torva Platelegs, Virtus Robe Top

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Peterpan538 ~ Indiana <3:


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The_God_of_Soup - Arizona






Representin fo da 602 and da 480!




The spelling and grammar of that email was that of an 11 year old palestinian goatboy who is speaking english for the first time
Quite simply, Facebook craps on Myspace. Then makes it eat the crap.

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